Freebie Downloads Deleted

I just upgraded features to WordPress, and unfortunately, all of my freebie downloads which I had added to my pages have been deleted.  This includes the most popular crochet altar lace pattern, and the Catholic-themed Spanish worksheets.  I don’t know when I can restore these files.   For me, it is a time-consuming process, and time is something which I seem to have less of these days.  Eventually, though….I hope!

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The N.O. Continues to Spiral into Oblivion

I just had to post this video of the recent Pentecost pilgrimage to Chartre, at which Cardinal Burke officiated with the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass.  The point which should make an impression on  your conscience is that the future of the Church lies in her return to tradition!

The N.O. is dying out.  In Kankakee, there are no longer any Catholic schools left, and the churches themselves are rapidly dwindling.   St. Stanislaus was closed within the last 40 years.  St. Mary’s was sold long ago.  The then bishop Imesch chose to sell  St. Mary’s rather than make it a parish for the celebration of the TLM.  I know this for a fact because I wrote to him  with the request, to which he replied in the negative.

Currently, plans are to merge the three parishes of St. Teresa, St. Rose, and St. Martin. The  most beautiful one – and the oldest –  is to be shut-down, and most likely put up for sale, or demolished. That would be a crime. There is no need for that to happen.

The building itself is structurally sound; and as for the claim that there is a priest shortage, the diocese could remedy that by turning it over to a traditional community of priests.   But will bishop Conlon  be agreeable to that suggestion?  Or is he going to repeat the actions of Imesch and further the destruction of the faith in the already devastated vineyard of the Lord in the Joliet diocese?  Will church authorities proceed to serve Christ with an eviction notice?

Here is the video.  Take note of the abundance of reverent, pious youth – the future of Catholicism:

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Harbinger of The Healing of The 1,000-Year Schism.

By now, it’s old news that Cardinal Burke publicly stated that the explicit consecration of Russia as our Lady requested has not yet been done, something that Bishop Schneider has been saying, as well as other prominent clergymen.  The late Fr. Gruner has been vindicated!   Perhaps I can summarize with a later article.  But for now, I want to leave you with this bit of news which I consider a harbinger of miracles to come once Russia is properly consecrated.

“It was the first time a pontiff and head of the Russian Orthodox church had met since the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity split apart nearly 1,000 years ago.”

People queue to venerate the relics of Saint Nicholas being shown in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral, after his remains were sent to Russia on loan from their permanent home in Italy, in central Moscow, Russia, May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

People queue to venerate the relics of Saint Nicholas being shown in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral, after his remains were sent to Russia on loan from their permanent home in Italy, in central Moscow, Russia, May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Russian throng to venerate the relics.

Follow the link ^ to the Reuter’s story for the reason why  Russians thronged to the Cathedral in lines that “stretched for several kilometers from the cathedral”.  The piety of the Russians should put the Christian West to shame.  

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We Continue to Get Rave Reviews on Our Book!



The book is EVER ANCIENT, EVER NEW TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS Compendium of Catholic Doctrine.  Truly, if one knew and understood the contents of this book on the Mass, he would know the essential saving doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ once entrusted to the Apostles.   Not only would he know the infallible dogma, but he would fall more deeply in love with our patrimony – the old Latin Mass!    Purchase one, and see for yourself. Just follow the link above.

Two of the most recent comments about the book are shown here:

“I just love your book and have lent it to the priest who offers the Traditional Latin Rite where I attend Mass. I had been waiting to ask him how he liked the book before responding to you.

“Well, I finally stopped in the sacristy after Mass today and he really liked the book. He said he still wanted to show it to a gentleman so I figure I will let him have it and I will purchase another one for myself.

” I am familiar with the works of many of the authors whom you quote throughout your book. You seem to say just what is necessary to deepen a persons knowledge about the Usus Antiquior. I also love the format you have chosen which describes the entire Mass, including Christ’s complete Passion from start to finish. The additional chapters on the priests vestments etc. where an added delight.

“Of all the books I have read on this topic (I was right in the middle of P… K…’s [title of book omitted] when your book arrived), yours was the one that I truly wanted to share with so many people even before finishing it..When my seconds copy arrives I have a few choice people in mind whose love of this Mass will only deepen further after reading your book as my love also has deepened.

“I hope your book reaches many, many people.”

D. A., U.S. A


And just today, this:

“The book arrived ! Exceeded my expectations. Most likely lost information which has been retrieved here. Just beautiful.”

R. R. N., Ohio

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“There is a spiritual limit on how far evil can go.”

-The article which was published on January 20, 2017, and from which I have selected some excerpts, can be read in its entirety by clicking on the link at the bottom.


Oh, it is so easy these days to plan the eliminating of billions throughout the world, in one easy, clean, fast stroke.  “…this move was well prepared and financed by Washington through USAID”.?  What stroke?  “a test case [India] for global demonetization”:

 A Financial genocide, if there was ever one. Death by demonetization, probably killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through famine, disease, even desperation and suicide – because most of India’s money was declared invalid.—ordered from way above Obama, from the omni-potent, but hardly visible Rothschild-Rockefeller – Morgan – et al, all-domineering bankster cartel.”

“Time is running out. One of the best ways of controlling populations and unbending politicians is through financial strangleholds. That’s what a cashless society is all about.”

“the East, the Russia-China-Iran-SCO axis, where the future lays, has already largely detached itself from the dollar based western – and fraudulent – monetary scheme.”

Our Lady of Fatima will see her faithful children through the final confrontation.  Pray, especially the rosary!   We do know that for the sake of the elect, the time of trial will be shortened.  May we remain faithful!

The article can be found here.

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Revolution in Full Swing; Schism that’s existed at least since the end of the Second Vatican Council

This is a report which you must absolutely read.  Since the article is copyrighted, please go to the source for the complete interview >  Source, Regina Magazine:

Is there a “Reign Of Terror” Inside the Vatican?

He is a veteran Vatican-watcher, the Rome reporter for the USA’s National Catholic Register. He’s also that rarity among journalists – a practicing Catholic.

He’s a real pro, too.  In 2014 Edward Pentin’s journalistic integrity came under fire from a Pope Francis favorite, German Cardinal Emeritus Walter Kasper. The liberal Cardinal’s disparaging comments about African prelates attending the Synod had been captured on Pentin’s Iphone recorder. Kasper publicly denied ever making such remarks – and then had to retract his denial when Pentin quietly published the audio. The resulting furore quickly derailed attempts to hijack the Synod by Kasper and his cronies.

Now it seems that once again, all eyes are on Rome. A group of high-ranking prelates have made public a ‘dubia’ they had sent to Pope Francis with questions on Amoris Laetitia. This, because the Pope ignored  the same dubia, sent privately two months before.

All quite proper under Canon Law. But the move has set off a firestorm of controversy, even involving the Pope himself, who this week made the astounding comparison of journalists covering Vatican scandals to people with a sexual interest in feces. Now, rumours are swirling that the Pope is unwell, and one British journalist has even called for his retirement. Most recently, 23 scholars have signed a public letter supporting the Cardinals, warning of a ‘metastasizing crisis’ in the Church.

What is going on in the Vatican? In an attempt to get some clarity amidst a storm of spin, REGINA asked Edward Pentin to report on what he’s seeing, from his vantage point in Rome.

REGINA: What reaction to the dubia do you see, on the ground in Rome, from your Vatican contacts?

Edward Pentin: The reaction has been interesting so far: almost all the College of Cardinals and the Roman Curia have remained silent, neither supporting the cardinals, nor, more importantly, coming out in support of the Pope and his decision not to respond. If silence is taken to mean consent for the dubia, then one could therefore argue that the vast majority are in favor of the four cardinals. That can only be speculative of course, but it could conceivably be true as for months one has heard from one significant part of the Curia that they feel great unease about what is happening. The phrases “reign of terror” and “Vatican martial law” are frequently bandied around.

“But it seems that seminarians, especially in the UK and US, tend to understand what’s happening in today’s Vatican and are trying to uphold the Church’s teachings and Tradition. And in trying to make sense of it all, they see it in a positive sense: of clarifying and uncovering what has long been seen as a veiled schism that’s existed at least since the end of the Second Vatican Council.


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Calling for Inter-Communion with Heretics? The Scandal of Francis

The final report from Lund, the Pope’s visit to the Lutherans in Sweden.

If this latest ecumenical venture doesn’t horrify Catholics, than those Catholics have lost all sense of the true faith.  This scandal cannot be met with silence on the part of anyone who would call himself Catholic.

The report about Pope Francis and the general-secretary of the world’s Lutheran churches agreeing “to work together for a shared Eucharist”.

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The Crusader’s Mass, Carmel of Traverse City

On Saturday, October 22, I had the privilege of interviewing Fr. John Mary, O. Carm., founder of the Carmelite Hermitage of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Earlier that morning he had celebrated a high Mass of the ancient Carmelite rite, in the chapel of the Infant of Prague Monastery,  Traverse City, Michigan.

Carmelite of the Ancient Observance, Fr. John Mary

During the interview, Father explained to me that after the Holy Land had been conquered from the Muslims in 1099, the crusader priests celebrated a form of Mass which had developed into a fusion of mostly the Roman rite – about 70% – with the rest taken from the Gallican rite.  This form came to be known as the rite of the Holy Sepulchre since it was celebrated in the church over which Emperor Constantine had enshrined the burial site of our Lord, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built in 326.

In the late 12th century, there was then living in Mt. Carmel in Palestine, a group of hermits who had placed themselves under the guidance of the crusader, St. Brocard.  Between the years 1206-1214, Brocard asked St. Albert of Jerusalem to draw up for them a rule of religious life.  This rule is the Carmelite Rule.  Since it was the custom for newly formed religious Orders to use the rite of Mass celebrated in the Cathedral of the diocese in which they existed, the Carmelites adopted the rite celebrated in the Patriarchal church of Jerusalem, the rite of the Holy Sepulchre.

The rite of the Holy Sepulchre was the Mass celebrated by threcrusader-prieste Orders: the Knights Hospitaller, the Knights Templar, and the Carmelite hermits.  With their suppression, this venerable and ancient rite of Mass was lost to the Knights Templar and eventually to the Knights Hospitaller which gradually became a lay association.  Only the Carmelites have the grace of holding on to this treasured rite most commonly now known as the Carmelite rite.

The Prioress of the monastery explained to me that it fell to the “calced” Carmelites – more properly called Carmelites of the Ancient Observance, to retain this most venerable of rites.  After the Council of Trent, the discalced Carmelites opted for the Westerm Roman rite as codified by the Council, much to the displeasure of St. John of the Cross who had voted against it.

This rite of the Holy Sepulchre was celebrated for the very first time in the Traverse City Carmel by Father John Mary, O.Carm. on October 22.  On the 24rd, he celebrated a low Mass.  Father made use of the motu propio Summorum Pontificum, issued by Pope Benedict in 2007, to teach himself the rite and to begin celebrating it.  He said that with this rite he felt his soul to be “more spiritual fed” than with the New Mass.  

Father John Mary has been a priest for 33 years, and is the founder of the Carmelite Hermitage of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  The community has two priests, one deacon, and five Brothers.  Their life consists of the spiritual labor of 6-7 hours of prayer with 2 hours of mental prayer, plus manual labor which includes maintaining a garden.  Each has his own cell conducive to living the hermitical life.  The community is constructing a chapel which Father assured me will be most beautiful.  The project is in the hands of the well-known architect, Duncan Stroik who has a reputation for the design of beauty and tradition as the standard for architecture worthy of God.  The new chapel will most certainly be the perfect setting for offering the ancient rite of Carmel by future spiritual warrior priests, burning with holy zeal for the restoration of all things in Christ! Father said that it will be the younger generation that will “lift up the Church!”

This is a rendition of their future chapel:

Interior Perspective

Should you feel inspired to help the work of these Carmelites, your donation would be most appreciated! Here is a link to their donations page> Carmelite Hermits.  

Carmelite Hermitage
of the Blessed Virgin Mary
8249 de Montreville Trail
Lake Elmo, MN 55042-9545

As the Carmelites say, “God reward your charity! 

It was an inestimable grace to have been able to assist at the very first two Masses celebrated in the rite of the Holy Sepulchre at the Infant of Prague Monastery.  At the beginning of the High Mass, I almost expected to hear the manly baritone chant  of crusader monks, but instead we heard the angelic voices of the Sisters! Praise be Jesus Christ!  It was beautiful!

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“The Eighteen Religions of Mother Teresa”

Above is the title of the article on Mother Teresa as found in the publication of the late Abbe de Nantes, CRC He Is Risen!, No 15, November 2003.  The following is taken from  pgs. 2, 3 of that newsletter:

“An account of it [interreligious celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the Missionaries of Charity foundation, 1975] was written by a nun but was only intended for her sisters, the Missionaries of Charity throughout the world.  The review Missi, nevertheless, published excerpts illustrated by photos…

“It all got off to a start on the morning of 28th September in the Armenian church.  Then after a visit to the Protestants of Calcutta, the Methodist, ‘Mother hurried off to the Jain Digambara Temple with a group of nuns.  When they entered, seven drums,two cymbals and three pairs of Jerry Jerries welcomed them.  It was in a large square room; rugs were spread out on the floor.  We were then led to the four digambaras (Jain monks).  These monks belong to the strictest sect of Jains and are contemplatives who observe five vows: non-violence, respect of property, fidelity, celibacy, and poverty, including clothing, and are completely naked…..The four of them were seated to the left of the altar, while to the right were the female Jain religious, dressed white saris….’

“On 1 October, the ceremony took place among another group  of Jains; on 2 October in the Church of God where[were]..celebrated the merits of Mother Teresa….

“On 3 October, they went to the ‘Hindus to attend the solemn prayer of Brahmo…’at the Hindu temple…everyone touched Mother’s feet and led her into the shrine.  All those present invoked the one hundred names of God with great devotion….’

” ‘That same evening at 4:30 we [the single quotations are the written record of one of the Sisters of Charity reporting] were with the Parsis praising the Lord for His goodness.’

The Abbe de Nantes explains who the Parsis are: ” The Parsis are Persians who refused to convert to Islam and kept the Zoroastrian religion.”  They are Manichaeans.

“On the morning of 5October, ‘the Mass of thanksgiving was celebrated in our cathedral…..Then Mother and the nuns went to another thanksgiving service organised by a third group of Jains.’ “

“Then they went to the Sikhs…” (a religion with elements of Hinduism and Muslimism)

“On 6 October, the thanksgiving service was held at Maghen David synagogue.”


Mother Teresa undoubtedly had a kind heart, but I cannot and will not be recognizing her as the “real thing” – an authentic, Catholic saint worthy of emulation.  I certainly don’t believe her inter-religious activities were pleasing to God. Would He want to hold her up to His Church as a role model? I don’t think so!

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Ex-Priest, Curtis Wehmeyer, Archbishop Neinstedt, Complicit in Crime

This video was uploaded  not too long ago (July 20).  It is the latest from the attorney representing the victims of sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

“A trove of documents released …by prosecutors as part of a legal settlement with the Twin Cities archdiocese shows a pattern of alleged sexual harassment and retribution by Nienstedt”, another news source has said.

The attorneys now have 100’s of 1,000’s of documents which expose the corruption which leads to the top. This attorney calls upon Pope Francis to act willingly, or he will be shamed into doing so with the release of more evidence.

Enough is enough!  If our hierarchy refuses to start a serious cleansing, then God will have to do it!

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Libellus Hand-Delivered to Cardinal Parolin

13528434_1316300211731115_Veri Catholici conf_Parolin

As a result of the Veri Catholici conference of June 25, in Rome, a Libellus of the errors contained in the papal Exhortation Amoris laetitia. was drawn up; a filial appeal to the pope was subsequently made requesting that he read the libellus, and withdraw the document.  As the organizers of the conference promised, the pertinent papers have been hand-delivered to Cardinal Parolin. 

Something concrete was actually accomplished instead of just complaining.  May God prosper the work of this conference.  It was done for His greater glory, even though our petition may fall on deaf ears. 

Link to the Libellus:

Logo Associationis


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