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I just upgraded features to WordPress, and unfortunately, all of my freebie downloads which I had added to my pages have been deleted.  This includes the most popular crochet altar lace pattern, and the Catholic-themed Spanish worksheets.  I don’t know when I can restore these files.   For me, it is a time-consuming process, and time is something which I seem to have less of these days.  Eventually, though….I hope!

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Pervert ‘Priest’ Caught; Joliet Diocese

It was years ago, but I still remember the very first time he celebrated the weekday Mass at St. Rose of Lima church.  There was a young lady sitting not too distant from me.   After only a few minutes into the Mass, she gasped, “He’s gay!”    Jacklin had gay “written” all over him.

Afterwards, people said his actions, his behavior, was due to a severe car accident he had had.  The Kankakee Daily Journal even posted such an article in one of their issues.  But, I didn’t believe it.  The pastor, Fr. Charles Wheeler most certainly must have known about the secret of his new assistant.

It turns out my instincts were correct.  This is from today’s Chicago Tribune:

“Bond has been set at $1 million for a Roman Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting a resident of a developmental center south of Chicago.

“The Rev. Richard Jacklin was arrested by the Illinois State Police on Tuesday on allegations he assaulted the resident at Shapiro Developmental Center in Kankakee.

“Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jim Rowe on Thursday told a judge that a nurse walked in on Jacklin performing a sex act on a 39-year-old man. The alleged victim has been a patient at Shapiro since 2010 and is paralyzed and has an intellectual disability.

“The 65-year-old Jacklin has been charged with criminal sexual assault by force and sexual misconduct on a person with a disability.

“The Diocese of Joliet says Jacklin was ordained June 2, 1984, and has been assigned to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Goodrich since 2005.”

Link here.

Are you disgusted?  I AM!  But this is the Joliet diocese for you!

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St. Rose, Kankakee – Do or Die

In this year of the centennial of the apparitions of our Lady of Fatima , let us recall that our Lady told Sr. Lucia that the third part of the secret She entrusted to her should be opened and revealed to the world by 1960.

We know Pope John XXIII not only declined to reveal it, but he totally dismissed it as not concerning his pontificate.  It is likely he had in mind the Fatima prophecy, when at the opening of Vatican II on October 11, 1962, he expressed his contempt for “prophets of doom”:  (“We feel that We must disagree with these prophets of doom, who are always forecasting worse disasters..”) The optimistic John XXIII envisioned that his council would be a ‘New Pentecost’, a flowering, an outpouring of vitality, a “Springtime” in the Church; and since our Lady’s admonitions clashed with his rosy outlook, he preferred to believe his own sentiments over the warnings from Heaven. What folly!

Pope Paul VI was later to decry the after-effects of Vatican II, saying on December 7, 1968 “The Church is now confronted with uncertainty, self-criticism, one might almost say self-destruction…”  On July 29, 1972, he continued to lament that “The smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God through some crack: doubt, incertitude, dissension, worry, discontent, and conflict are plain to see”

Today, as Catholics in Kankakee continue to experience the death and dearth of their parishes, the root cause continues to elude most.  Worse, they don’t see that the decline in all things Catholic continues unabated because the ones chipping away, are  the ones who initiated it, and who continue with their folly in relentless pursuit of building castles in the air.  Few are the prelates who now understand this, and who are attempting to rectify this dangerous situation.

Before Vatican II, the ancient traditional Latin Mass was the guiding compass of our faith.  Yes, the traditional Latin Mass in itself contains a compendium of infallible Catholic doctrine as we have demonstrated in our book, Ever Ancient, Ever New Traditional Latin Mass Compendium of Catholic Doctrine. When  Paul VI imposed the New Mass, he undermined the intuition we had as Catholics that our beliefs could never change.  It was that delusional masterstroke of Satan (that the Church had to change with the times) which precipitated the destruction in the Church.  Some Catholics resisted. Those who already had a weakened faith, welcomed the Protestanizing of our Sacred rites, but most just sorrowfully lamented, and went along, trusting that our hierarchy knew better.

“In 1933, sixteen years after Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima, the future Pope Ven. Pius XII, then Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, Secretary of State to Pope Pius XI, made prophetic remarks in confidence to his friend Count Enrico Pietro Galeazzi. Cardinal Pacelli stated that Our Lady of Fatima’s confidences to Sr. Lucia were a warning against the suicide of destruction of the liturgy and other dangers of altering the Faith. Pacelli made similar prophetic warnings in a subsequent conversation with a fellow curial cardinal.”  (citation from here)

If only John the XXIII had revealed that warning which our Lady of Fatima had requested be made known to the entire world in 1960!  Sr. Lucia was to write to Mother Martins on September 16, 1970: “It is painful to see such a great disorientation and in so many persons who occupy places of responsibility… And the worst is that he has succeeded in leading into error and deceiving souls having a heavy responsibility through the place which they occupy…! They are blind men guiding other blind men…”

The laity never clamored for change.

Who, with the aid of six Protestant ministers, fabricated and imposed a New Mass upon us?

Who mandated the obliteration of the high altars, and the removal of Communion rails?

Who imposed Communion in the hand?

Who gave us altar girls?

Who permitted lay people to usurp the prerogatives of the ordained?

Who eliminated sacred music from the Mass, only to replace it with banal, secular, often-times infantile tunes?

Here in Kankakee, some Catholics are in turmoil at the thought of losing their parish, St. Rose of Lima, the most beautiful church in the area.

Vectoria's weddingIt was even more beautiful before Vatican II.

Our dream, our prayer, is that God will be disposed to hear the prayers of those who are working to save it from closure and total destruction – some say to make way for a parking lot – and finally to preserve it for the full restoration for which it was constructed: the traditional Latin Mass, ancient pillar of Catholicity and the antithesis timages.duckduckgo.como the anthro-pocentric religion with Catholic veneer, foisted upon the laity after VII.


Citing the paucity of priestly vocations, Catholics in the pew are told that closing of parishes is unavoidable. In 1970, the average age of a Catholic priest in the United States was 35. Today, that average is 64!  In the Joliet diocese, in 2016, there were 281 priests in active ministry, whereas in 1970, with approximately half the Catholic population of today, we had 432 priests.

But the priest shortage is a problem “they” created!  Read the book by Michael S.Rose, Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations From the Priesthood.  “This book explodes the notion that the Catholic priesthood is dying, as there isn’t enough interested young men who want to lead a traditional, orthodox priestly life. The problem was NOT a lack of candidates, it was the poisonous environment created within the seminaries by liberal, fallen priests, feminists nuns, and heterodox church leaders.”

The answer to the problem facing St. Rose parish, logically, would be to entrust it to the ministry of a traditional community of priests, as happened to historic St. Joseph church in Detroit.

detroit st joseph

St. Joseph Oratory, Detroit. Its revival under the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

Said one St Joseph parishioner: “I think it’s appropriate that God will save our church. We were asking for a miracle, a religious order moving in was discussed. We hoped it would happen, but I didn’t know if that was realistic.”  Yes, it is realistic!  Last October, the church was turned over to the Institute of Christ the King, thanks to Archbishop Vigneron who made this decision.  Surely Bishop Conlon must be aware of this solution to the problem of the priest shortage and the looming closure of  historic St. Rose!

St. Rpse

We pray St. Rose will, by the grace of God, be preserved for the restoration to come.

We pray that Our Lady of Fatima take pity upon our diocese, and grant to Bishop Conlon, the grace to entrust St. Rose to a community of traditional priests.  He already has at his back door, the Fraternity of St. Peter.  The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest is in the neighboring diocese.  It would be so easy.  Let him follow the example of Archbishop Vigneron.

Either St. Rose is returned to tradition, or its doors will be closed forever.  The experiment of man-centered, post VII religion is on the verge of collapse. 17553921_1475944109143632_6414618725153574497_n It would be better that a building be demolished, than that souls continue to lose the faith.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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The Cardinal Meisner Funeral – Observations

July 19, 2017 – This section of an article by“Guy Fawkeslein”, is the first portion to be published on the web site Dominus Est.   The translation from the Spanish is that of the admin of this blog.  Please read our disclaimer at the end.


“The solemn funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner has not ceased giving us something about which to talk.  He who for 26 years was the pastor of the pilgrim church in Cologne (Germany), died in the peace of the Lord at dawn on July 5 of this year, while according to witnesses, praying the liturgy of the Hours.  His funeral was celebrated with the pomp due to a good Shepherd and to the sober propriety and attentiveness of German Catholicism, on July 15th in the Cathedral of the diocese of which he had been archbishop.  His burial was presided over by the current Cardinal Archbishop, Monsignor Woelki, and the homily was delivered by Cardinal Péter Ërdo, Archbishop of Budapest, Primate of Hungary.

“More than a ceremony, per se, it was an aesthetic and profound burst of the mystery of God unfurled in the rites, gestures and symbols of which the Roman Catholic liturgy avails herself to express what we yearn for and which we can only gaze upon from behind the veils that cloak it.  The ornaments used by the ministers were black with gilded embellishments to better express the “Passover” of Christ that we ourselves experience in the bitter moments before death.  A power reaches us in the midst of drama, but it purifies us and gives us eternal life as we await the return of the glorified lord.  The liturgy was perfectly orchestrated and its rites suitably fitted to the songs that clothed them.  The music (works of Fauré or Mozart) interpreted by the orchestra and the choir, alternated in sublime song with the assembly making the walls of the cathedral to resound by the singing of those beautiful hymns that make Germanic piety and fervor unique. No doubt, Meisner not only had the death he wanted but the funeral his life deserved.

“But these factual details, I think you will have read elsewhere, and there is little or nothing that it can add.  However, permit me to dwell on some aspects that occurred in the celebration, which alone, would have nothing special about them, but taken together, are quite eloquent.

“In the Gospel according to St. John, the Lord says that “if the grain of wheat does not fall on the ground and dies, it does not bear fruit, but if it dies it gives much fruit” (John 12:24). And indeed, the death of Cardinal Meisner has been the small grain that has made the plant to emerge, and which timidly, continues growing in the Church.  It is none other than this:  The blinders of fearful Catholics continue falling – of those who refuse to see the possibility of a quiet and noiseless schism that is being provoked by he who should be the bond of communion and who should confirm his brothers in the faith (cf. LC 22.32).

“First of all, let’s see who was on the left and on the right of the Presider of the celebration, and what role each one had.  To the right of Cardinal Woelki, we saw the president of the German Episcopal Conference, Archbishop of Munich, Cardinal Reinhard Marx who has distinguished himself as one of the promoters of remarried divorcees having access to Holy Communion, as well as other misdeeds such as homosexual marriage and the female priesthood.  To the left of the Presider, was the deposed Müller, who until a few days ago had been the Prefect for the Doctrine of the Faith; and at his side was the homilist, the Cardinal Archbishop of Budapest, Péter Ërdo, one of those who supported the four cardinals of the “Dubia”.presented to the pope, of which Meisner was one.  Because of his connection and friendship, Cardinal Ërdo was responsible for pronouncing the homily at Meisner’s internment, but it was Müller who [gave the homily] on the fortieth anniversary of the episcopal ordination of Meisner.  [There stood] two illustrious prelates closely linked by ties of friendship to Meisner, and who have not hesitated to make a common front together with him against the ‘sweetening’ that the faith is undergoing.

“Also, by reason of duty, among the principal concelebrants was the nuncio of His Holiness in Germany, Monsignor Nikola Eterovic, who read to those present. a message sent by Pope Francis to be read at the funeral.  And here comes the second detail. In the burial of Meisner there were two interventions of significance: that of the Nuncio of His Holiness who read his message and that of the Archbishop, Secretary of Benedict XVI, Georg Gänswein, who did likewise for the one he represented. And I find it significant to note that the intervention of the first, which occurred at the beginning of the celebration, was met with a somber and terrible silence, as if what was being said were of little importance to the listener; whereas at the end of the celebration, when Gänswein finished his talk, the entire cathedral broke out with a most eloquent applause welcoming with feeling, the sincere words of his friend Joseph Ratzinger.”

“And the difference between the one and the other is more than well known to all.  I will not be the one to says that the pope is glad of this death, because the mere thought seems petty and cruel, but with this demise, he now has one less rival. Who doubts it? We must remember that one of the four cardinals of the “dubia” was precisely Meisner, who, together with Brandmüller, Burke and Cafarra, presented it to the Pope back in September of 2016, and since they did not get an answer, they made their letter public in November of that same year, with the same result to date. Thus, Meisner left to the Father’s house with Francis’ disdain and contempt, the same that was shown to Müller when relieved of his office.  And people with a certain Catholic sensibility “who were not born yesterday” (as we say in ancient Hispania), recognize words born of the heart as distinguished from the forced diplomacy that sees itself obligated to say what it should, when it is time, and how it must. And the words of Francis were born precisely from the latter.

“On the contrary, the words addressed to those present from the Emeritus Benedict XVI did not have the same effect. They were appreciated as caming from the heart of a dear friend of Meisner, a comrade of battles, a confidant without comparison. For this reason, the applause in the cathedral of Cologne was the most appropriate spontaneous reaction and, by the way of affection, the only possible one that should have been given. The Sensus fidelium again expressed itself in the Church.

“O Blissful Death of this pro-man [sic] of the once Catholic Germany, if it has resulted in the pastor Emeritus, silent and praying in the quietness of his life in “Mater Ecclesiae”, to again have loudly roared with strength as the Lion of Juda, so as to make his voice reach the ears of the sleeping Catholics of the entire world.  Benedict has spoken again, and what words!”


Disclaimer:  This is a translation only. This blog does not wholly concur with everything written, as for example, the kudos  directed at  Müller for making   “a common front” in defense of the faith. By his own admission,  Müller was of the opposite mindset.  He, the obfuscating “defender” of the Faith, said,  “And is not our task to unify, in a totalitarian way.” 

But the article does opens up vistas to what is occurring in the Church. The main reason for this posting is to present it as the announcement the author intended: The revolution in the Church is going to end; sleeping dogs are awakening.  Brace yourselves, and keep praying, especially those rosaries! 

So it shall be!

Viva Cristo Rey!

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Saturday, July 8th TLM, Lemont, IL

19601516_10159021797965192_4562657659544161207_nAll are invited to assist!  Please let others know!

Link to more information here.

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Say “No” to Dialogue Masses!

h/t to Tradition in Action.  (No part of the Latin version of the motu proprio indicates that the Pope envisaged an “active” role for the congregation.) 

The information they provided on the subject sparked my interested because I have had an instinctive aversion to “dialogue” Masses.  But, I didn’t take their word for it.  I actually looked up the Latin, and not just the one they provided on their web page.

It is true!  St. Piux X  did not ask for “active participation” in the Mass!  In his Latin Motu Propio, the word he used, “participatio”  merely has the same meaning as “taking part”, or “assisting” as when we say, that we “assist” at Mass.

silence_TLMThe phrase “active participation” first appeared in the Italian language of Saint Pius X’s Motu Proprio Tra le sollicitudini. However, the word “active” is not to be found in the Latin.  If read as it stands, and further substantiated by context, the passage cited to encourage dialogue Masses does not even hint that the faithful make vocal responses:

“Filled as We are with a most ardent desire to see the true Christian spirit flourish in every respect and be preserved by all the faithful, We deem it necessary to provide before anything else for the sanctity and dignity of the temple, in which the faithful assemble for no other object than that of acquiring this spirit from its foremost and indispensable fountain which is participation in the most Holy Mysteries and in the public and solemn prayer of the Church.”

St. Pius is saying that the faithful can acquire the “true Christian spirit” by assisting in the Church’s liturgy in a temple worthy of the worship of God.

Here is the Latin. Notice that there is no “active” modifier for “participatio”:

“Etenim cum nihil Nobis potius sit et vehementer optemus ut virtus christianae religionis floreat et in omnibus Christifidelibus firmior sit, templi decori provideatur oportet, ubi Christicolae congregantur ut hoc virtutis spiritu ex priore fonte fruantur, quae est participatio divinorum mysteriorum atque Ecclesiae communium et solemnium precum.”

So, please, don’t feel compelled to make responses at the TLM!  Much can be said about silence being the better part for the laity – as in the demeanor and comportment of our Lady who took it all in, in the silence of her Heart.  Really, it is the best way to raise the heart to God when one does not have to “work” at it!

The articles on Tradition in Action are worth your time, so if you want to educate yourself, please read.  Here is one gem which should whet the appetite for more on the subject:

There is, thus, no reference to or recommendation of congregational singing, which, if it took place at some times and in some places, was never an established and universal custom of the Roman rite. So, it could not have been designated as part of the mos maiorum.”

The link to the Latin Motu Propio, Tra le sollicitudini is here. See page 388.

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The N.O. Continues to Spiral into Oblivion

I just had to post this video of the recent Pentecost pilgrimage to Chartre, at which Cardinal Burke officiated with the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass.  The point which should make an impression on  your conscience is that the future of the Church lies in her return to tradition!

The N.O. is dying out.  In Kankakee, there are no longer any Catholic schools left, and the churches themselves are rapidly dwindling.   St. Stanislaus was closed within the last 40 years.  St. Mary’s was sold long ago.  The then bishop Imesch chose to sell  St. Mary’s rather than make it a parish for the celebration of the TLM.  I know this for a fact because I wrote to him  with the request, to which he replied in the negative.

Currently, plans are to merge the three parishes of St. Teresa, St. Rose, and St. Martin. The  most beautiful one – and the oldest –  is to be shut-down, and most likely put up for sale, or demolished. That would be a crime. There is no need for that to happen.

The building itself is structurally sound; and as for the claim that there is a priest shortage, the diocese could remedy that by turning it over to a traditional community of priests.   But will bishop Conlon  be agreeable to that suggestion?  Or is he going to repeat the actions of Imesch and further the destruction of the faith in the already devastated vineyard of the Lord in the Joliet diocese?  Will church authorities proceed to serve Christ with an eviction notice?

Here is the video.  Take note of the abundance of reverent, pious youth – the future of Catholicism:

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Harbinger of The Healing of The 1,000-Year Schism.

By now, it’s old news that Cardinal Burke publicly stated that the explicit consecration of Russia as our Lady requested has not yet been done, something that Bishop Schneider has been saying, as well as other prominent clergymen.  The late Fr. Gruner has been vindicated!   Perhaps I can summarize with a later article.  But for now, I want to leave you with this bit of news which I consider a harbinger of miracles to come once Russia is properly consecrated.

“It was the first time a pontiff and head of the Russian Orthodox church had met since the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity split apart nearly 1,000 years ago.”

People queue to venerate the relics of Saint Nicholas being shown in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral, after his remains were sent to Russia on loan from their permanent home in Italy, in central Moscow, Russia, May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

People queue to venerate the relics of Saint Nicholas being shown in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral, after his remains were sent to Russia on loan from their permanent home in Italy, in central Moscow, Russia, May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Russian throng to venerate the relics.

Follow the link ^ to the Reuter’s story for the reason why  Russians thronged to the Cathedral in lines that “stretched for several kilometers from the cathedral”.  The piety of the Russians should put the Christian West to shame.  

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We Continue to Get Rave Reviews on Our Book!



The book is EVER ANCIENT, EVER NEW TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS Compendium of Catholic Doctrine.  Truly, if one knew and understood the contents of this book on the Mass, he would know the essential saving doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ once entrusted to the Apostles.   Not only would he know the infallible dogma, but he would fall more deeply in love with our patrimony – the old Latin Mass!    Purchase one, and see for yourself. Just follow the link above.

Two of the most recent comments about the book are shown here:

“I just love your book and have lent it to the priest who offers the Traditional Latin Rite where I attend Mass. I had been waiting to ask him how he liked the book before responding to you.

“Well, I finally stopped in the sacristy after Mass today and he really liked the book. He said he still wanted to show it to a gentleman so I figure I will let him have it and I will purchase another one for myself.

” I am familiar with the works of many of the authors whom you quote throughout your book. You seem to say just what is necessary to deepen a persons knowledge about the Usus Antiquior. I also love the format you have chosen which describes the entire Mass, including Christ’s complete Passion from start to finish. The additional chapters on the priests vestments etc. where an added delight.

“Of all the books I have read on this topic (I was right in the middle of P… K…’s [title of book omitted] when your book arrived), yours was the one that I truly wanted to share with so many people even before finishing it..When my seconds copy arrives I have a few choice people in mind whose love of this Mass will only deepen further after reading your book as my love also has deepened.

“I hope your book reaches many, many people.”

D. A., U.S. A


And just today, this:

“The book arrived ! Exceeded my expectations. Most likely lost information which has been retrieved here. Just beautiful.”

R. R. N., Ohio

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“There is a spiritual limit on how far evil can go.”

-The article which was published on January 20, 2017, and from which I have selected some excerpts, can be read in its entirety by clicking on the link at the bottom.


Oh, it is so easy these days to plan the eliminating of billions throughout the world, in one easy, clean, fast stroke.  “…this move was well prepared and financed by Washington through USAID”.?  What stroke?  “a test case [India] for global demonetization”:

 A Financial genocide, if there was ever one. Death by demonetization, probably killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through famine, disease, even desperation and suicide – because most of India’s money was declared invalid.—ordered from way above Obama, from the omni-potent, but hardly visible Rothschild-Rockefeller – Morgan – et al, all-domineering bankster cartel.”

“Time is running out. One of the best ways of controlling populations and unbending politicians is through financial strangleholds. That’s what a cashless society is all about.”

“the East, the Russia-China-Iran-SCO axis, where the future lays, has already largely detached itself from the dollar based western – and fraudulent – monetary scheme.”

Our Lady of Fatima will see her faithful children through the final confrontation.  Pray, especially the rosary!   We do know that for the sake of the elect, the time of trial will be shortened.  May we remain faithful!

The article can be found here.

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Revolution in Full Swing; Schism that’s existed at least since the end of the Second Vatican Council

This is a report which you must absolutely read.  Since the article is copyrighted, please go to the source for the complete interview >  Source, Regina Magazine:

Is there a “Reign Of Terror” Inside the Vatican?

He is a veteran Vatican-watcher, the Rome reporter for the USA’s National Catholic Register. He’s also that rarity among journalists – a practicing Catholic.

He’s a real pro, too.  In 2014 Edward Pentin’s journalistic integrity came under fire from a Pope Francis favorite, German Cardinal Emeritus Walter Kasper. The liberal Cardinal’s disparaging comments about African prelates attending the Synod had been captured on Pentin’s Iphone recorder. Kasper publicly denied ever making such remarks – and then had to retract his denial when Pentin quietly published the audio. The resulting furore quickly derailed attempts to hijack the Synod by Kasper and his cronies.

Now it seems that once again, all eyes are on Rome. A group of high-ranking prelates have made public a ‘dubia’ they had sent to Pope Francis with questions on Amoris Laetitia. This, because the Pope ignored  the same dubia, sent privately two months before.

All quite proper under Canon Law. But the move has set off a firestorm of controversy, even involving the Pope himself, who this week made the astounding comparison of journalists covering Vatican scandals to people with a sexual interest in feces. Now, rumours are swirling that the Pope is unwell, and one British journalist has even called for his retirement. Most recently, 23 scholars have signed a public letter supporting the Cardinals, warning of a ‘metastasizing crisis’ in the Church.

What is going on in the Vatican? In an attempt to get some clarity amidst a storm of spin, REGINA asked Edward Pentin to report on what he’s seeing, from his vantage point in Rome.

REGINA: What reaction to the dubia do you see, on the ground in Rome, from your Vatican contacts?

Edward Pentin: The reaction has been interesting so far: almost all the College of Cardinals and the Roman Curia have remained silent, neither supporting the cardinals, nor, more importantly, coming out in support of the Pope and his decision not to respond. If silence is taken to mean consent for the dubia, then one could therefore argue that the vast majority are in favor of the four cardinals. That can only be speculative of course, but it could conceivably be true as for months one has heard from one significant part of the Curia that they feel great unease about what is happening. The phrases “reign of terror” and “Vatican martial law” are frequently bandied around.

“But it seems that seminarians, especially in the UK and US, tend to understand what’s happening in today’s Vatican and are trying to uphold the Church’s teachings and Tradition. And in trying to make sense of it all, they see it in a positive sense: of clarifying and uncovering what has long been seen as a veiled schism that’s existed at least since the end of the Second Vatican Council.


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