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Month of St. Joseph Meditation…

from St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori: We ought to have great confidence in the protection of Saint Joseph, because he has been extremely dear to God on account of his sanctity.  To estimate Saint Joseph’s sanctity it is sufficient to know … Continue reading

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“…dispose our days in Thy peace, command us to be delivered from eternal damnation…” Fr. N. Gihr: “Let us call to mind the impenetrable darkness that envelopes the mystery of predestination for us poor mortals here below and we shall … Continue reading

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What’s “Iodinews”, and Why are They Saying These Things?

Aaaahhhh, but it does my heart good to hear it!  A few years ago, aside from mostly the SSPX, hardly anybody would dare say such things; but the tide is turning. The dam has sprung a leak and there is … Continue reading

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Short Meditation from St. Eymard

“Now to have one’s mind in God is to have the thought of God ever present, ruling, sustaining, and fructifying.  Do you habitually think of our Lord?  If you do, He is in your mind and is living there;  He … Continue reading

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See, He has Delivered us From Idolatry.

A portion of this video shows the reception of Holy Communion at a Tridentine Mass in Papau,New Guinea, in the pre-Vatican II era.  One can’t but feel a little how much Our Lord must love his littlest, most poor, most … Continue reading

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“I saw angels come to His assistance, otherwise He would have been unable even to raise it from the ground.”  –  Bl. Anne C. Emmerich In the Memento, Domine, the Church’s public prayer is explicitly for all of the faithful, … Continue reading

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What’s Its Name?

Who is Michael C. Fortune, and why bring him up? Well, I want to quote him; but in order for you to believe what he says, I must establish his credentials as being a trustworthy, knowledgeable and credible authority in … Continue reading

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LOOK FOR IT. Coming Soon….

April: Check out their webpage by clicking on the company name for photos of the completed  job. Another contract with the school is presently being discussed. Update November 3, 2012:  Altare Design is up and running, with work now in … Continue reading

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Update, Feb. 5, 2013: Hey, Hey! More Pictures are Coming In Update, Jan. 28, See photos by clicking here. 1-23-13  update:  The work, obviously has fallen behind schedule and was not completed as the Sisters had hoped, by autumn.   … Continue reading

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Yes! It’s official!  Father Ueda is coming down to be with us once more to celebrate the TLM.  I believe it will be the first one there in 40+ years! “Where?” “Follow the horse, and he will show you!” Source … Continue reading

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