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That Interview of the Pope

Thanks to Miles Dei who called my attention to that fact that the unsettling interview of the Holy Father to Civiltà Cattolica is really worse than first thought. Recall that part which many of us found quite disturbing (This English … Continue reading

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“Stewards of the Tradition” ?

In the headlines this morning, we find that the USCCB has released its statement on the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, “Stewards of the Tradition”.  Here are a few excerpts from the article as found at “…reformed liturgical rites … Continue reading

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Catholic Identity Conference ’13 Report

Persevere in the Doctrine of the Apostles! Dr. Rao’s opening speech, whether intentional or not, set the theme for the conference.  Rao stated that he believes a Catholic resurgence is imminent. Thereafter, several speakers, including Fr. Pendergraft, FSSP, made mention … Continue reading

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So Which is It?

“Pope says Church cannot be obsessed with gays, contraception, abortion” So read the latest headlines of the secular news. “Pope Francis said the Catholic Church should not allow its bans on gay marriage, abortion and contraception to dominate its teachings, … Continue reading

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To Let you Know…..

We have been traveling, most recently to St. Louis; next, we are off to the Catholic Identity Conference in W. Virginia.  No postings will be made for some time. I just want to mention a sign which delighted my heart … Continue reading

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Fr. Alfono Bruno, New Secretary of the FFI

A breaking news headline announces that one of the traitors of Fr. Manelli has been rewarded with an important promotion:  “Father Alfonso  Bruno, New Secretary of the FFI and of the Cult of Subversion.”  The official letter reads: The Apostolic … Continue reading

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Reposting for the Birthday of Our Lady

From The life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Msgr. R. Gentilucci It is a common opinion that Mary was born the eighth day of the month of September, which corresponds to the beginning of the month Tisri, that is … Continue reading

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M. Voris – Watershed Moments!

Fr. J. Schweigl:  “I cannot reveal anything of what I learned at Fatima concerning the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts: one concerns the Pope; the other logically (although I must say nothing) would have … Continue reading

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