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Leisure Centre and Bar Plan ‘Nixed’ by God

It’s a deal! features this story on the recent purchase of the former Jesuit church in Limerick: KATHRYN HAYES, in Limerick MASS IN Latin will soon be heard again at a historic Limerick church that has been sold to … Continue reading

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Funeral Arrangements for Fr. Hugh Thwaites

I know some have been searching for funeral details, so I share the following info I have received: Funeral Date Next Friday: 31st Aug at 12 noon in Corpus Christi Church, Boscombe. Corpus Christi Church 757 Christchurch Rd. Boscombe, Bournemouth. … Continue reading

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Truth Behind Communion in the Hand

WOW!  This video is chock-full of factual information. He brings up cremation, neo-paganism, Vatican II, extraordinary ministers of Communion; he speaks of abuses made “respectable” under the guise of an appearance of fidelity to church regulations. Listen to understand what … Continue reading

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The Passing Unto Eternal Rest of Fr. H. Thwaites, S.J.

I received the following message regarding Fr. Hugh Thwaites’ death.  May this good priest rest in peace.   We are eternally grateful to him for one of the deepest acts of charity my family and I have ever received from a  … Continue reading

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50th Anniversary of Vatican II – The Question Persists

For a proposition to be declared infallible, the Abbé reminded the faithful, it must be a proposition already contained in the deposit of the faith directly received from the Apostles, and to have been continuously believed by the faithful since. … Continue reading

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Statue of BVM Will be Larger than Statue of Liberty

From CNA.  Can anyone imagine a statue of our Lady of immense proportions and visible for miles, overlooking New York’s harbor to greet all who enter its shores?  Furthermore, can anyone imagine such a project welcomed and announced   by  the … Continue reading

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Blessed Be the Great Mother of God!

Have a blessed and grace-filled day on this the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption!

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María de la Luz Camacho – Female Cristero Martyr

There is so little known of the female Cristero martyrs, that when I found this one, I wanted to translate it for you.   The original post is from Corazon Cristero on Facebook.  Here is how it reads: “María de la … Continue reading

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Church Miltant on Obama and ‘Peasant Catholics’

‘Peasant’ Catholics do have a voice (withholding >$$$$). While I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Voris on what he is saying in this video, I would just caution that a trad-minded Catholic must never be fueled by bitterness.  I am not … Continue reading

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Feast of St. Philomena

From the Living Rosary Association: “On August 10, 1835, Pauline received a miraculous cure of a severe heart ailment at Saint Philomena’s shrine in Mugnano del Cardinale, Italy, during the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Immediately following, she appealed to … Continue reading

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