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Pope Francis and the SSPX: An Opportunity

What’s with all the “gaggings”?  Even  the mild-mannered Patrick Archibold is not allowed to put forth a legitimate question.  Link here: PATRICK ARCHBOLD: “I must say that I am still in a state of shock, so I will refrain from … Continue reading

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Prof. de Mattei, Another Casualty

And in the latest news, Professor Roberto de Mattei has been given the “boot” by Radio Maria for an article recently published. Below is a Google translation of excerpts of that article. He joins Palmaro and Gnocchi for daring to … Continue reading

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Sr. Lucia, Cause for Her Canonization

It has been written that even during life, Sr. Lucia’s prayers were so powerful as to work miracles.  What now that she is in heaven?  Since our Lady promised to take the three seers to heaven, I am confident that … Continue reading

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Medjugorje, Money Laundering, Failed Papacy….

So what is to happen now that the Ruini commission has turned in it’s report to the Pope? Watch Michael Voris and E. Michael Jones take on a “sacred cow”!

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