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Bishop A. Schneider on Crisis, SSPX, Schism, Foot Washing for Women…..

Today, February 1, Rorate Caeli has posted an interview with Bishop Schneider which is being made available to other venue for far and wide dispersion.    He doesn’t believe Russia was properly consecrated, and he considers the SSPX to be “a … Continue reading

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Symbolism of Priestly Vestments

This is a preview of some of the information which will be appearing in the forthcoming book on Understanding the Theology of the TLM: _________________ “The chasuble symbolizes the purple mantle cast about His shoulders in the praetorium, or else … Continue reading

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What’s “Iodinews”, and Why are They Saying These Things?

Aaaahhhh, but it does my heart good to hear it!  A few years ago, aside from mostly the SSPX, hardly anybody would dare say such things; but the tide is turning. The dam has sprung a leak and there is … Continue reading

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The Sacrifice of the Mass

THE NEED OF THE SACRIFICE OF THE ALTAR From the Manual of the Catholic Church, 1906 ed. Q.  What need was there for the Sacrifice of the altar, since we were fully redeemed by the Sacrifice of the cross? A.  … Continue reading

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The Shot Being Heard ’round the World – Latest from El Paso

This is a good example of what it means to belong to the Church Militant.  Catholics unite!

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Thank you, St. Joseph!

Well, it’s over.  We returned home from the October devotions and TLM last night fully exhausted. (The batteries in my camera died after only a few snapshots, so all you’ll get are these.) It’s been said that the TLM is … Continue reading

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