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A Priest after the Heart of Jesus!

Remnant interview with Fr. Rodriquez: Michael J. Matt (MJM): First off, Father, I’d like to thank you for the stand you’ve taken in recent months in defense of the Church’s moral teaching, especially with respect to so-called ‘gay marriage’. Catholics … Continue reading

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13th of October – The Day the Sun Fell

It is also the date of the martyrdom of the Prince of the Apostles, our first pontiff, who was killed  under Nero  in the year 64 A.D. Thinking of this,  my thoughts turned to the account of a vision I … Continue reading

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My Friend, Though Dead, Still Speaks.

The friend to whom I refer is Guido Del Rose, the friend for whom Our Lady came on November 22, of 2004 after a long life in Her service. He was affiliated with the Blue Army for many years until … Continue reading

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Our Lady Didn’t Say That.

The faithful who pray the rosary and say the Fatima prayer  “Oh, my Jesus…”  are divided into two camps: those who pray the Fatima prayer correctly and those who don’t.  The latter group must consist of 99.999999….% of  the total.   … Continue reading

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Beautiful Women Wear Veils.

A friend has alerted me to a chapel veil campaign; ladies should cover their heads at Mass.  If you can’t understand why, please read the information on the blog Catholic Knight.  You might want to take part in the poll.  … Continue reading

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French Pastries and Nuns

Recently, I ran across a French nun in full  traditional habit who was selling baked goods at the local farmer’s market. The pastries she was selling were absolutely delicious – but do be aware that the community she is with, … Continue reading

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Thank you, St. Joseph!

Well, it’s over.  We returned home from the October devotions and TLM last night fully exhausted. (The batteries in my camera died after only a few snapshots, so all you’ll get are these.) It’s been said that the TLM is … Continue reading

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