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A Fruit of the Blood of the Martyrs

The following letter is taken from The Remnant website.  For the full account of how this appeal came to be written,  please visit their site.   A slumbering church is awakening! Dear Mr. Michael Matt and friends of the Remnant, Greetings … Continue reading

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Birthday Greetings to our Heavenly Mother!


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“It is a common opinion that Mary was born…just when the smoke of the holocaust….”

From The life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Msgr. R. Gentilucci It is a common opinion that Mary was born the eighth day of the month of September, which corresponds to the beginning of the month Tisri, that is … Continue reading

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Conclusion – The Priesthood of the Laity

by Abbé Astruc I think that now you see how, by uniting yourself to Jesus, either sacramentally or spiritually, by participating in His interior and exterior life, you do communicate as the Priest does.  But you must make the likeness … Continue reading

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“…may [God] help all those who are working for seriousness in sacred music”, pleads the maestro.

Cardinal Domenico Bartolucci from a post on Rorate Caeli: “I am here, Blessed Father, in order to thank Your Holiness for the strong call for the use of music in the current celebrations of the Holy Mass. I am certain … Continue reading

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4th Post – The Priesthood of the Laity

 by Abbé Astruc,  “Irish Messenger“ series, a continuation on the theme of Communion: Jesus is in the Holy Gospels, where, in some sort, an incarnation of Christ lies hidden beneath the letter.  When you meditate on the Word of God … Continue reading

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