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Plea for our times

Arise,  O God, judge thy own cause. Image of a 16th century shield of the Spanish Inquisition.  The duty of the Inquisition was to safeguard the deposit of the Faith entrusted to the Church by our Lord Himself.  The Latin … Continue reading

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The Vortex on Kneeling or Standing

One has to wonder  about those in authority who persecute and intimidate Catholics who choose to bend the knee in humble adoration of our God and our Redeemer.   If our Holy Father has not YET issued any mandates to revoke … Continue reading

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“…why anyone would want to attend a Mass in which they wouldn’t be able to understand…”

The author of the following letter has given us permission to post it here.  We hope that this person’s experience might help to alleviate any fears some might have about attending the TLM in a language they cannot understand. As … Continue reading

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