Dialogue Mass, Opposed

contemplateTLM_understanding TLM FBUnlike a prayer service, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is an action in which the primary Figure is Christ Himself. About this, Cardinal Newman stated, “The Mass is not a mere form of words; it is an action, the greatest action that can be on earth, and hence, it is quite possible to take an intelligent part in it, and to be present not only in body, but with heart and soul, without uttering so much as a single word.”

This is why dialogue responses from the faithful during the re-presentation of Calvary, are not necessary, and are often a distraction and irritation to others who wish to be absorbed into the Sacrificial Action, through silent meditation.

On this subject, a traditionalist priest has written in his church bulletin: “At High Mass, the choir makes all responses simply because that is their function. The congregation, on the other hand,, responds internally, as opposed to vocally, and this is still, according to Pope Pius XII in his encyclical “Mediator Dei, active participation. Active participation…does not necessitate vocal responses but unity of intent with the [priest]…”

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