From the Heart of a Catholic Priest!

I happen to know that the comment which follows, expresses what is on the mind of other priests, who for various reasons prefer to remain anonymous:

“Ok. I want to get something off my chest: I am sick and tired of having would be defenders of the Faith tell me that I am disrespecting or denigrating the Papal Office (and therefore Jesus Christ, who instituted the Papal Office) because I happen to objectively criticize the current Pontiff’s teaching’s via the spoken word, the written word or his actions.

“I am not the one who has dared to contradict the Sacred Scriptures and the constant Tradition of the Church and the Church Father’s by exonerating Judas and holding him up as repentant, and then blame the unmerciful priests ‘who hold to the Law’ for Judas’ hanging if himself!

“I am not the one who has dared reduce Marriage to an ideal, and normalized adultery (and what have you) as the equivalent of marriage, even adulterous acts, nor have I dared to reduce the Church’s concrete and Objective teaching of the Commandments to the realm a subjective conscience’s acceptance of said Commandants!

“I am not the one who has said that the Absolution can be given to those who refuse to amend their lives and remain in their OBJECTIVE STATE OF SIN!

“I am not the one who has DARED to allow the Blessed Sacrament to be desecrated by unrepentant adulterers, fornicators, and sodomites!

“I am not the one who promotes Eugenics via the use of Contraceptives to prevent birth defects!

“I am not the one who has dared to call one of the foremost promoters of Abortion, Sodomy and Euthanasia in Italy and who is personally guilty of murdering over 10,000 babies in their mother’s womb, a forgotten Great of Italy!

“I am not the one who receives blasphemous Hammer and Sickle Crucifix’s and calls them beautiful!

“I am not the one who kisses the feat of the enemies of our Lord and His blessed Cross!

“There are plenty more examples to be given, but these suffice.

The one who has done these things is the one who has heaped disgrace upon the Papal Office!

“The one who has done these things is the one who has dared to disrespect the Sacred Dignity and Responsibility of the Papal Office!

“And all those who openly defend these things or stubbornly refuse to speak of them, especially when they KNOW the Truth, they are guilty of disrespecting and denigrating the Papal Office, the Church and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Ok. Thank you for allowing me to unburden myself. May God raise up true defenders of the Faith within the Hierarchy, who for the sake of Fraternal Charity, for the Sake of Salvation, including their own Salvation, who will confront this man, who will rebuke this man and who will withstand this man to his face. Amen. Maranatha! Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

“PS: For all of you parents out there, if your child desired a peanut, would you offer your child a peanut that was visibly tainted with fecal matter and tell them not to worry about the feces on the peanut because it’s still a peanut? Would you not warn your child not to eat that particular peanut because it’s tainted with feces? Of course you would. So, then, why would a good Catholic tell people to receive this document and trust it because it has good teaching in it, and simply ignore the outright crap within it? I’m tired of people telling me to enjoy crap covered peanuts, simply because it’s a peanut!”

The priest is a diocesan priest, who left his comment under this article.  God bless you, Father.   I promise to keep you in my prayers!

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