Paul VI Approved of Contraception…..FALSE!

I’ve been neglecting this blog since there is such little time these days, but I had to post this because it is so important!   This post is in reference to Francis’s allusion to contraception being justified in some cases.    “Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has affirmed that the Holy Father was indeed speaking of “condoms and contraceptives” when on the flight back from Mexico….”

A brave priest has weighed in with this information.  The Church has never condoned contraception!  Here is what Father Mullady writes:

father brian thomas becket mullady o p is the son of an air force ...

“Dear Friends: Pope Paul VI never taught that nuns threatened with rape could us contraception. This was an anonymous opinion stated by some member of the congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith which went viral at the time It was never a formal teaching of any Pope but caused much discussion among moralists and is the only example of anyone recommending such an action. The fact that is was an anonymous source should place it in the the dustbin of history. Perhaps Pope Francis was taught it at the time because that was when he was doing his intellectual formation and thought Paul VI might have taught it.”

Reverend Father Brian Thomas Becket Mullady O.P., S.Th.D.

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