God’s Intervention?

The archdiocese of Chicago was intent on destroying the Shrine.   In a letter received from the Archdiocese, the Canons of the Institute of Christ the King, Chicago, had been told that ( quoting from the Institute web page):

“Based on extensive engineering and other evaluations the Archdiocese has concluded that the church building has significant structural issues and to restore the building to its state before the fire and to bring it up to current City of Chicago building code standards is cost prohibitive… Therefore the Archdiocese is moving without delay to demolish the remnants of the structure.”

They wanted to start demolition IMMEDIATELY.  But then comes this letter from a purely secular source which levels some degree of influence.   The Engineering report has concluded that stabilization of the structure would be a relatively easy thing to do.  However, the diocese has plans to start with the demolition of the tower on Tuesday, January 26! Please pray for a miracle to prevent this!


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