A True Missionary of Mercy, Fr. Byers Addresses the Pope

Who is this brave priest, and why aren’t more of our clergy speaking out like he is doing?


“The Holy Father is speaking to Lutherans. Private conscience and private faith is a big deal for them. When Pope Francis says that it is not his competence to give permission to a public sinner or non-Catholic to go to Communion, and then says that it is up to the conscience of the person involved, he is saying that the Pope has no role to play in the formation of the conscience of an individual, because it is all up to the individual before the Lord. But that is a doctrinal statement if there ever was one. And Francis intends to pronounce solemnly on much of the controverted aspects of the Synod on the family. If he tries to teach this as a doctrine, as I say, he will not be able to do so.”


“I had to wonder before if your recent interview with Eugenio Scalfari was correctly reported. I now have no doubt.

“With due respect to your person and your office, I ask you not to make this kind of thing part of what you want to publish about the Synod with the authority of the infallible ordinary magisterium, which you inferred you would most certainly do in your speech of October 17, 2015.

“If you do this, going against the doctrine of the Church, grave matters of faith and morals, on so very many points on so very many levels…”

Read the entirety of his open letter to the Holy Father here!

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