Cupich on Holy Communion For ‘Gays’

Chicago Catholics, are your ready for the return of your Ordinary from the Synod?  Look what he has in mind for you.  One wonders if perhaps the fire that devastated the Shrine of Christ the King is not an indication that God wants those faithful priests of the Institute to get out, and soon!

“When asked by LifeSiteNews if the notion of accompanying people to the sacraments who had a clear indication of conscience to do so also applied to gay couples in the Church who wish to receive Communion, Cupich indicated an affirmative answer.”

If you are not horrified, then you can’t be a real Catholic!

“What Archbishop Cupich is advocating for — most likely feeling empowered by what’s happening at the Synod — is Eucharistic desecration. Sacrilege. Mortal sin. 1 Corinthians 11:27-28…”

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