The Devastating Fire, Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

“If you look to the left where Our Lady’s statue used to be, that is where after every Mass, I’d go to kneel before our Lady to rest within her Immaculate Heart.  Then, I’d move over to the side where St Joseph was, and there I would spend time with the lord and master of the house, St. Joseph.

Oct 7 fire ICK Chicago

“It sad to think that those particular visits will no longer be possible for-who-knows how long.  How much more sad it must be for the priests who offered the traditional Latin mass there! Could you help them with donations according to your means? If not, please do pray for them and for the whole community, that the church will be magnificently restored.” _______________________________________________________________

“The Infant King statue was still standing atop the High Altar when the firefighters found it. ‘Even with all the jet streams, he was not knocked down,’  said the Rev. Michael Stein, a canon at the shrine.  ‘He is three centuries old and he did not go up in flames.’  The statue did lose an arm, and its vestments were covered in ash, but Stein pointed out that the statue’s remaining hand was still held up in a sign of blessing: ‘That he was saved shows our story isn’t over here, he’s still with us, his hand is still raised in blessing, ‘ Stein said.”

Oct 7 fire_Statue Infant King

More pictures and info for funding here

The Sunday Mass will be celebrated by Msgr. Schimitz, Oct 11,  at St. Thomas the Apostle church, 54725 S. Kimbark, Chicago.  

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