The Book is Finally Here! Learn How The TLM Encapsulates The Dogma of Faith.

ISBN 978069241393-7

Open the pages and discover the spiritual treasures of the Mass!

From the introduction: “For a humanity caught up in the drab and dull monotony of day-to-day living, with all its uncertainties and sorrows, what is it that would be most capable of drawing their hearts upward to heavenly joy, if not the most sublime, the most ethereal worship of God this side of heaven?  This, the greatest glory on earth, is in the hands of the Catholic Church which she magnificently shows forth in the traditional Latin Mass.  The ritual, reverence, magnificence in which it must be celebrated is the sign of our belief that Christ is, here and now, present in our world of pain.  Isn’t this something we should want to communicate to the entire world?”

ISBN 978069241393-71.  With this action of the priest, “we are reminded of God, without beginning, without end, the Alpha and the Omega, the Omnipotent Creator who encompasses, governs, rules, all that He brought into existence through a simple act of His will.”—–pg. 16

2.  The action which indicates that “all graces and blessings come from the Holy Sacrifice on the altar”—–pg. 18

3.  The Collects of the TLM – pithy orations of solid dogma—–pg. 20

4.  St. Pio of Pietrelcina’s statement that it would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than without Holy Mass – No, it wasn’t hyperbole!—–pg. 56, 58

5.  How and where the the rubric indicates that the Sacrifice on Calvary and the Sacrifice of Holy Mass are one and the same—–pg. 59

6.  With An explanation of the origins and the meaning of the vestments of the sacrificing priesthood


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