Diabolical Possession for the Greater Glory of God

Angel before francisOver on Fb I gave an English synopsis of a video in Spanish about the possession of Ángel, the man on this photo.  It is a fascinating account, so I thought I would share it with my blog readers.   At the conclusion of this post, you will find the video should anyone understanding Spanish, be interested in watching the entirety.   I didn’t watch the question and answer section because the whole video is rather lengthy.  Here is the summary:

The possessed man is Ángel, married with 3 children, living in Morelia, Mexico. He has been known to be a pious, practicing Catholic, a daily communicant.  He says his possession took place while traveling on a bus. He believes it was due to the envy of another; that an evil spell was cast upon him to see him dead.  This was in 1999.  Seven exorcisms have not been able to free him.

When he saw that Mexico City was going to attempt to legalize abortion, he offered his sufferings to God to avert it, or in reparation, if the “law” should pass.

In 2013, accompanied by Fr. Juan Rivas, he went to Rome with a letter of testimony from Cardinal Ortega, primate of Mexico. He was to see the exorcist Fr. Amorth; two days before meeting with Amorth, he was put in line with the sick who awaited the passing of the pope. It was then that Fr. Rivas whispered in the ear of the pope that numerous exorcists had tried to free the man, to no avail. The news media reported this as a failed exorcism, but it was not meant to be an exorcism.

Amorth did a formal exorcism two days later.  Normally, there are 3 days of fasting, much prayer, and other preparations before attempting an exorcism. The reporters asked Amorth what had happened.

Amorth said that there are there 4 demons inside of Angel who speak in Latin or Italian. They are in him as a consequence, and as a sign that nothing was done in Mexico when abortion was legalized, and therefore, because of abortion, violence has increased throughout Mexico; that there is a causal relationship between the two: For every aborted baby, there will be a mortality caused by organized crime.

Another exorcism over Ángel was made when the assembly of exorcists met, with one of them doing the exorcism, and the others present. (a year before this video presentation was made) ; a priest, one of the exorcists, wrote to Cardinal Ortega, telling him that the demons are saying that before the arrival of the Woman to those lands, human sacrifices were made there; that they – the devils – roamed there; that every human sacrifice, empowered them; that the Woman drove them out, but now, “you stupid people because of your laws, have brought us back. We didn’t want this [correlation of abortion to violence] to be made known, but the Woman crushes our head and makes us reveal it.”

Until the law of abortion is repealed, he, Ángel, will not be freed.

Through the demons, we know that the root of the evil situation in Mexico, is abortion; there is a correlation between abortion and violence; Abortion empowers the devils. Abortion is a grave transgression against God because it attacks the giver of life.

The speaker on this video mentions that by watching the videos, and seeing the pictures of the mutilated bodies of the victims of the drug cartel, it is obvious how they resemble the bloody, dismembered babies killed through abortion. The cartel mutilate and kill, just like the abortionist.

Countless people have contacted him – the speaker on this video – to ask what they can do to help repeal the abortion law.  As a consequence pro-lifers have been mobilized.

There are many abortions worldwide, in China, the U.S – why is it that this relation of cause/effect is taking place in Mexico? Because Mexico is where the Blessed Virgin lives. The blessed Mother is terribly offended that in Mexico where she lives, there are taking place thousands upon thousands of abortions.

How is it that the demons say these things? .  The Blessed Virgin makes them say it.

Four concrete steps have been taken to fight for the repeal of abortion in Mexico, and he names them. One of them is to mobilize the social elite who are pro-life, and to have them in the vanguard of marches, so that marches by the people will not be dismissed as processions by religious fanatics. He mentions reparation which our Lady wants. Monasteries and convents are being requested to aid with their prayers.

There is applause when the speakers states his belief that abortion will be repealed!

The link to the video: https://youtu.be/HGgr3BgRNBU

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