THE BOOK! Ever Ancient, Ever New Traditional Latin Mass, Compendium of Catholic Doctrine

The printers have informed us that the projected completion date for the book order is June 29.  The book, 8 X 6, of 120 pages,  and richly illustrated, explains the theology behind the rubrics and ceremonies of the Traditional Latin Mass.  It will be a hardback with a cover that is gold-foil stamped. By the way, this will not be a polemic work. The idea was to present the TLM as a conveyor of Catholic doctrine in a beautiful way, readily touching the mind and heart of people of good-will.

Much of the content of the book is taken from our Understanding the Theology of the TLM page.

Below is a sample of what you will see in this beautiful new book:

ISBN: 978069241393-7

ISBN: 978069241393-7


2_Preview Ever Ancient, Ever NewTLM book_release July 20015

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