Medjugorje ‘extraterrestrials’

If you are still clinging to the illusion that Medjugorje is of God, read this and wake up!  The whole thing is creepy, frightening as they reveal themselves to be ….’aliens’ – mouthpieces for Satan himself.  Either that, or they are should be in psycho  wards:

Conference of 2012 where they speak like extraterrestrials

“We want to tell you clearly that Tomislav Vlašić and I are both part of the Central Nucleus. We can tell you that the action of the Central Nucleus is a wide-ranging action, which touches the whole reality of the universe, and it touches it primarily in spirit…

“The Central Nucleus is the link between the Archangels, the angels, and I would say, the pure spirits and the humanities faithful to God. At the same time, it unites all the pilgrims who are walking to the house of the Lord, living and dead in the entire universe.

“We feel an obligation to communicate to the people of Earth that God has done great things in the universe…

“Earth is the last planet to receive this announcement

‪”However, if not even a small part of mankind of Earth will respond, God will entrust to another humanity of the universe, faithful to Him, the task of being in charge of the transformation intended for the entire human race.”

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