Pro-abort Rocker invited by Pope to Sing for Christmas

In case you haven’t heard yet, the blasphemous rocker Patti Smith has been invited by Francis to perform at the Vatican for the Christmas concert.

Pope Francis surprised the Curia and called Patti Smith (pro-abortionist singer known as the accursed priestess of rock) to invite her to his Christmas concert to sing on the same stage as Sr. Cristina in the auditorium of via della Conciliazione.

The Portosalvo Committee, a lay group, has been protesting her appearance in a church in Naples, calling it blasphemous. Catholics in that city had even called upon Cardinal Sepe to intervene to prevent her from singing in their church, but then, Francis turns around and does this!

As Sandro Magister stated in a recent interview, “Whereas Francis’ popularity is more conspicuous outside the Church, even if it isn’t eliciting waves of conversions. Actually, with him there seems to be a certain pleasure in outside culture, even hostile, to Christianity.”  That interview can be read in its entirety at Rorate Caeli.

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