“He may be false Pope 38”

The biggest attack against Pope Francis: “He may be false Pope 38”

The above is the title given to an article published in Spanish this past Monday on LV12 Online.  (The translation is ours.)

Cardinal Pell ... "conservative, doctrinaire, and authority-based" says former NSW Premier.Cardinal George Pell of Australia, anticipated “divisions” in the Catholic Church: Rebellion against the Argentine Pope, by the hierarchy [that will be] in Philadelphia, when he visits there.

For some time, it has been observed how the more conservative sectors of the Catholic Church have almost always faced the developments implemented by Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis, in a restrained manner,

But this weekend there was a situation which now leaves all in the open with the “anti-Francisco” trend, and which is being put on the table by the Australian and British media.  It pertains to the homily of Cardinal George Pell of Australia, written in Latin, and which he himself could not present due to “health reasons”, but which was made known in the Cardinal’s name at the principle Mass of the nation by another priest.

Pell was terse: [He] hinted that the Argentinean may be false pope number 38 and not the true pope number 266 of the Church. And he gave signs of schism: “In the next 12 months we will have the task of explaining the need for conversion, the nature of the Mass and [of the need for] purity of heart according to the Scriptures to receive Holy Communion.”

“Today”, wrote the prelate, “we have one of the most unusual Popes in history who enjoys almost unprecedented popularity.”

The British journalist Andrew Brown, from the newspaper The Guardian, and a specialist in Vatican affairs , expressed concern. He wrote  that “until yesterday it was certain that the liberal Relatio that sustains the reforms of Francis was unstoppable. But the conservative reaction has been so fierce and with such extensive repercussions that for the first time, the possibility of things coming to a head appears to be more real than distant.”

Up until now, the Catholic Church has had 37 “false” pontiffs, a thing which was remembered from his [Pell’s] homily due to its best explanation of the [Catholic] religion on the island country. Being “false” implies to Catholics that “the devil sent him” and not God, so that the allusion is more grave than a mere internal revolt: the Argentinean Pontiff is accused of being what is called  “an anti-pope”.

Pell accused Bergoglio of “stacking Cardinals” to win positions in the Synod for the Family, and he believed “that kind of thing should be done by consensus”.

 Coincidence from the American Hierarchy

After Burke, Chaput – Important U.S. Cardinals have accused Pope Francis of destabilizing the Catholic Church and turning it into a “rudderless ship” causing the Congregation to feel betrayed, according to [news source] Religión Digital.

Philadelphia Archbishop, Charles Chaput, said that at present the Church is “a ship without rudder” [Cardinal Burke has also said this.] leaving the faithful “a little sea-sick”, due to the Vatican suggesting a softer approach to homosexuality, reports the source, Daily Mail.

These statements come after the Vatican’s Synod on the subject of the family which was held this past October, and which suggested an opening for homosexuals, since these “have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community”.

“I was very concerned about how things were unfolding” at the Synod, said Chaput. “The Church cannot give us a welcome on our own terms.  She welcomes us on the terms of Jesus. That means being a Christian. To submit to Jesus and his teachings. It is not necessary to recreate the body of spirituality”, added the Cardinal, who will meet with Francis in September of next year for the World Reunion for Families to be held in Philadelphia.

The Synod closed with the approval of a document that although not definitive, shows for the first time that the balance is tipping towards the Church’s integration of divorced and homosexual couples, social issues which until now had been left aside by the Vatican. *


*This is not true.  The Church has her unchanging dogma on the moral issues relating to the themes discussed at this synod. I consider this article to be very good except for that last paragraph.  Unrepentant sinners are deluded if they think the Church will change the teachings of her Founder our Lord “Jesus Christ, yesterday, and today; and the same forever.  Be not led away with various and strange doctrines (Hebrews 13:8, 9).


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