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I have to thank my friend José Sarto once more for being on top of things going on at the Synod on the Family.  The following is our translation of his Spanish blog post on Página Católica, which is a translation from the original Italian.   The author of the original report is Marco Tosati of La Stampa, and can be sound here.  The report is from today’s proceedings.

Pope Francis wiped his eyes at the start of a recent morning session of the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican. (Paul Haring/CNS)

Photo credit: Paul Haring/CNS

Another Censorship Causes a Rebellion of the Synod Fathers:

Our readers know that once the Relatio post disceptationem was published, summarizing the expositions by the Fathers during the first week of deliberations, they were to meet in ten language groups (smaller circles) to continue work on it.

 With the analysis completed this Thursday, an attempt was then made to impose a new act of censorship, which Marco Tosati related, and we translated:

 Another censure which caused a rebellion by the synod Fathers:


The General Secretariat of the Synod announced the decision not to publish the reports of the small committee meetings. Then Cardinal Erdö, trying to distance himself from the Relatio post diceptationem published under his name, spoke by saying that if that document had been published, then the results of the committee meetings should also be published.

His intervention was followed by that of many others who expressed themselves in a similar tone to the sound of thunderous applause.

 The Secretary of the Synod, Cardinal Baldisseri, glanced at the Pope as if seeking advice and light, while he [the pope], with a very serious face, remained silent. Also silent were the undersecretaries of the Synod, Fabene, Forte, Schönborn and Madariaga. Kasper was not present. Finally, Father Lombardi announced that committee reports would be made public.


The cunning way in which a small group of Bergoglio’s friends has wanted to co-opt the Synod, reminds those with good memory, of the same maneuvers made during the Second Vatican Council, the schemas of which were completely subordinated by the triumphant heterodox; the same as was done to silence, with the complicity of the press, the orthodox majority.

Perhaps one may be allowed to think that if this time they could not do the same, it is partly due to the existence of so many and so varied a number of blogs which they cannot control, and which have openly recounted what happens.

It also must be said that Cardinal Erdö, Relator of the Synod near whom Francis positioned five of his friends – to the shock of the Church – so that they would help him to write the document, said that the responsibility of that document is not theirs at all, and that the part treating of homosexuality, and universally repudiated, had been written by Bishop Forte whose position on the matter is known, the same who has been appointed Special Secretary for the Synod  by Bergoglio.

 We have not been able to analyze the ten documents, one by a small committee, issued in several languages.  We have been able to see that there are positions found in the similar ones; for example:

Cardinal Schönborn says in the report of committee Gallicus B:


“We reiterate our respect and our welcome to homosexual persons, at the same time that we denounce the unjust discrimination and often violent, that they have suffered and continue to suffer, unfortunately, sometimes even in the Church.”

 “But that does not mean that the Church should legitimize homosexual practices, and much less recognize, as do some States, the so-called ‘marriage’.”

 “Instead, we denounce all maneuvers of certain international organizations to impose on poor countries, through financial blackmail, laws which establish so-called homosexual ‘marriage’.”


 It is unfortunate to use homosexual people, as if it were a natural distinction, an error which Cardinal Robles Ortega clarifies in the Hibericus committee report:

“Turning to no.50, it has been observed that it should not speak of homosexual people almost as if homosexuality were part of his ontological being, but rather of people with homosexual tendencies. It was requested that the text of this number be replaced with the following: ‘Sexuality that makes us to exist as humanity, as masculine and feminine, is an indispensable value in anthropology and in Christian theology. It makes us be the ones for the others, not in lack of distinction, but as complementary…People with homosexual tendencies are also in the need of reception and accompaniment that helps them to grow in the Faith, and to know God’s plan for them.'”


Below we post the link [Italian language] which will enable our readers to read the reports of each of the committees. In doing so, realize that has been made possible, thanks to the “Rebellion in the Synod”.

Synod14 – 12ª Congregazione generale: Relazioni dei Circoli minori, 16.10.2014

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