Our Lady of Fatima Came to Warn of This

Spokeman Lombardi describes how the ecumenical prayer for peace will take place in the triangular lawn gardens of the Vatican, tomorrow – Pentecost Sunday – with Catholics, Muslims and Jews, this at the initiative of Pope Francis:

“[….blah, blah, blah]….After doing their three interventions, there is a gesture of peace – probably a common handshake – and then there is the gesture of planting an olive tree, habitual gesture in these moments where you praying or people meet for peace, and the olive tree will be placed near the headquarters of the four protagonists, approaching this olive tree and lay the ground for planting symbolically this plant, a symbol of peace.”

They mock our Lady of Fatima who came to tell the Vicars of Christ how to achieve true peace, and they continue to disregard her. How long will our Lord tolerate such flagrant disobedience?   In light of this, the following article is most timely.  Please take the time to read it.  I have posted a few excepts.  The whole of it is here:

“So serious are the problems, Bishop Schneider said in an interview last week, that this is the fourth great crisis in the history of the Church, comparable to the fourth-century Arian heresy in which a large part of the Church hierarchy was implicated.

“The real crisis of the Church is anthropocentrism and the forgetting of Christo-centrism…

“Nevertheless, he can foresee a split coming, leading to an eventual renewal of the Church on traditional lines. But, he believes, this will not be before the crisis has plunged the Church further into disarray. Eventually, he thinks, the “anthropocentric” [man-centred] clerical system will collapse. ‘ This liberal clerical edifice will crash down because they have no roots and no fruits.’ “

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