A Baseball Writer Tells It Like It Is

“Look for instance at the reaction of conservative Catholics to the pope’s phone call to Jaquelina Lisbona, a woman in Argentina civilly married to a divorcee, in which Francis supposedly counseled her to practically ignore Church teaching on divorce, adultery, confession, and Holy Communion.

 “Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture speculated, “[F]or all we know, she and her husband are now living as brother and sister, in which case there would be no reason why she could not resume receiving the sacraments.” Of course, if this were the case the parish priest could have determined this without the extraordinary phone call from Christ’s vicar.

“Before deleting it (perhaps in embarrassment), Jimmy Akin reminded his readers at the National Catholic Register that the pope has the power to act as the Church’s chief legislature and to execute judgments immediately, and so therefore he could annul the first marriage and radically sanction the second, implying all this could be done over the phone.”

I know that most people do not like to click on a link to get to an article.  But, I guarantee you, it would be worth your while to do so on this one.  I certainly enjoyed it. And surprise, surprise – the author is not even a “rad trad”. He is the founder and editor of The Slurve, a newsletter about…………… baseball! 


Catholics must learn to resist their popes — even Pope Francis


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