Massive Crucifix Dedicated to John Paul II Collapses

The news has spread throughout the whole world.  A gigantic crucifix has collapsed and killed a young man of 21 years.

crucifix 3fallen crucifixThe bent-shaped crucifix in the northern Italian town of Cevo stood 98 feet high and had been erected at the spot in 1998 in honor of John Paul II.   Three days before the canonization proceedings for the late Pope, the crucifix fell, crushing Marco Gusmini.

The young man who was a guide for a group of youth on a parish tour, just happened to live on a street named  after the other pope who will also be canonized this coming Sunday –  Via Givovanni XXIII.  

How terribly sad and tragic. Our prayers are being offered for the repose of his soul. The family most certainly will be in no mood to celebrate the canonizations.

More pictures (credit for the above two, go to Pagina Catolica.) and video can be found at this link, although in Spanish and Italian: Pagina Catolica.

The crucifix was a work of Enrico Job.  If you ask me, it was a piece of mockery.  Instead of a triumphant Christ, the image depicted our Savior as falling downward.  Such ugliness cannot be of God.

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