Restoration of South Side Chicago Church by the I.C.R.

The splendor associated with the true worship of God is the inheritance of every Catholic.

The Cenacle in which Our Lord celebrated the first Mass was a beautifully furnished upper chamber located in the affluent section of the city of Jerusalem. Its mere elevation designated it for use on special occasions above and beyond mundane activity. Why did our Lord expressly desire that the place for this singular Pasch should be richly adorned? Bossuet provides us with the answer: “The Evangelists do not remark,” says Bossuet, “that this was His ordinary custom on other Pasches. The Holy Fathers also say that this adornment was connected with the Institution of the Eucharist. Jesus Christ desired to show us with what care places consecrated to the celebration of this Mystery should be decorated. It is only in this circumstance that He did not wish to appear poor.”
Rev. Croft’s, THE FULLNESS OF SACRIFICE, pg. 139: “The site of the Upper Room formed part of the renowned Mount Sion…It was fitting that the everlasting testament in the sacrifice of the body and blood of Christ should be proclaimed from the Holy Mount.”

Rev. Meagher’s HOW CHRIST SAID THE FIRST MASS, pg. 229-231: “…over the tombs of the great kings rose…the buildings called the Cenacle….it was the highest, largest, finest and holiest room, except the temple. It was beautifully furnished with carpets, rugs, tapestries – its walls were decorated, its furniture most costly…..In the time of Christ, round the Cenacle rose the homes of richest Jews…”

Rev. A. Tesniere’s article which quotes Bossauet -“Medit. sur l’Evang,” 1st day, pg. 57, “The Institution of Holy Communion” in Vol. XX-No. 1, 1917, THE SENTINEL OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: “The Evangelists do not remark…”

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