Canon Jayr, I.C.R., Mexico City Pilgrimage

Derik Castillo has graciously sent me some photos of Father Jayr’s Mass at the ancient altar of the Kings at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City. This Mass was celebrated on Friday, at 10 a.m., April 4.

The priest standing to the left, is Fr. Ocampo, whom I met in ’07.  He was instrumental in making the necessary arrangements that facilitated the use of this altar.  At first, Canon Jayr was going to be given permission, but not for the high altar and certainly not for a morning Mass.  He would have had to wait until all the day’s Masses had been offered, and/or his Mass would have been celebrated at another altar – that of “las Animas”. (The actual pilgrimage brochure did not have him scheduled to celebrate at the Cathedral at all.)   It was  through Fr. Ocampo’s mediation  that Canon Jayr received  the privilege that so few priests have had. Certainly, this was a first for a canon of the Institute of Christ the King SS.  I wish I could have been there!

Thank you, Fr. Ocampo!

relic_arm Mexican Metropolitan Cathedral

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