ICR News – Take a Look at That Magnificent Altar!

Photo: Les recordamos que el Reverendo Padre Benoit Jayr, del Instituto de Cristo Rey Sumo Sacerdote, junto con otras 16 personas, peregrinarán a la Ciudad de México, desde la parroquia de san Estanislao en Milwakee, Wisconsin. </p>
<p>El próximo viernes 4 de Abril, a las 10:00 de la mañana el Rev. Padre Jayr celebrará la santa Misa Tridentina en el altar de los Reyes de la Santa Iglesia Catedral Metropolitana de la Cd. De México.</p>
<p>Para esta ocasión especial, están muy cordialmente invitados a la Santísima Eucaristía, así como a recibir a nuestros hermanos de Wisconsin quienes tienen una muy bonita experiencia de restaurar su parroquia, y de quienes podemos aprender mucho.</p>
<p>Para mas información de la peregrinación pueden entrar a http://www.institute-christ-king.org/news/255/92/You-Are-Invited-Pilgrimage-to-Guadalupe/The following was just posted on the Una Voce Mexico FB page:

“We remind you that Canon Benoît Jayr, of the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign priest, along with 16 other pilgrims is coming to Mexico City, from the parish of St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

On Friday 4 April, at 10:00 in the morning the Rev. Father Jayr will celebrate the Tridentine Mass on the altar of the Kings of the Metropolitan Cathedral, DF of Mexico.

For this special occasion, you are cordially invited to the most Holy Eucharist, as well as to receive our brothers from Wisconsin who have very good experience in restoring their parish, and from whom we can learn a lot.

For more information of the pilgrimage can enter http://www.institute-christ-king.org/news/255/92/You-Are-Invited-Pilgrimage-to-Guadalupe/

My note: Not even Msgr. Schmitz had the privilege of using that magnificent altar when he celebrated Mass there in ’07!  After the Mass, the group will also have the grace of going down into the crypt where there is interred the body of the first bishop of Mexico, Bishop Zumarraga.  You may recall that Bishop Zumarraga was the one who received the miraculous tilma of our Lady of Guadalupe from St. Juan Diego.  

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