Christmas Every Month in Chicago

I have not totally abandoned my “child”, i.e., this blog.  It is just that I have immersed myself in some works of charity, and this past Advent, delved into more spiritual reading and and meditation.

For now, though, I remind readers that Christmas is never over!  You may celebrate it monthly on the 25th of every month at the Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Chicago (6415 South Woodlawn Avenue – tel: 1-773-363-7409).  A novena to the Infant King begins on the 17 of every month and culminates with a solemn High Mass on the 25th.  The celebration includes a procession, blessing of children, and veneration of a relic of the manger on which our Lord lay that first Christmas!

If you click on the flickering”candle” to the right of this page, you may submit your petitions for the novena, while making a donation which will go towards the restoration of the church.

Monthly Novena ICRThank you, Paige, for allowing me the use of your photo!

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