“Stewards of the Tradition” ?

In the headlines this morning, we find that the USCCB has released its statement on the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, “Stewards of the Tradition”.  Here are a few excerpts from the article as found at CatholicCulture.org:

“…reformed liturgical rites after Vatican II…have proven to be such a grace for the Church.”

“the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy was the fruit of the evolution (sic) of the Church’s teaching on the Liturgy….the Constitution…should be understood as a ‘keystone’.”

“Translation of the liturgical texts into vernacular languages,…has been a monumental success.”

“We should continue to consider ways in which the Liturgy can be legitimately adapted to the various cultures.”

“The setting for the celebration of the Liturgy should be beautiful.  While notions of what is “beautiful” can be subjective and culturally laughing facerooted…”

“The development of a repertory of vernacular music for the Liturgy over the past fifty years is a gift for which we are grateful and which we continue to promote.”

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3 Responses to “Stewards of the Tradition” ?

  1. Elizabeth Fitzmaurice says:


  2. Fiat says:

    What! You mean you really don’t like playing “Go Tell it on the Mountain”?

  3. OrganVirtuoso says:

    Ah, yes! The last three are three good reasons why I’m trying to develop other talents. I can’t see a whole lot of progression (in the right direction) taking place in regard to music and the liturgy right now. I guess it’s just a question of whether I should take up the bongos or expand into something outside of music…

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