Catholic Identity Conference ’13 Report

Persevere in the Doctrine of the Apostles!

Dr. Rao’s opening speech, whether intentional or not, set the theme for the conference.  Rao stated that he believes a Catholic resurgence is imminent. Thereafter, several speakers, including Fr. Pendergraft, FSSP, made mention of this coming resurgence which will of necessity involve a clarification and a renewed sense of reality as opposed to the ambiguity and obfuscation in the teaching of present-day theology.

This period of clarification, Rao said, might be either “friendly” or “inimical”.   Other speakers made mention of being prepared for martyrdom should the “clarification” be inimical.  A period of bloody persecution would certainly clarify who pertains to the Kingdom of God as opposed to the Kingdom of Satan.

Christ Ferrara spoke of an “attack on reality”.  His presentation highlighted the basic Thomistic principles of clear thinking and reasoning.  We all got a good laugh when he referred to contradictory, subjective relativism as the “Whatever Dude Principle.”

I especially appreciated John Vennari’s presentation.  He made many references to the teaching of Msgr. Clifford Fenton whom he described as a prophet for our age.   Msgr. Fenton taught clearly the necessity of the Catholic Church for the salvation of one’s soul; of the translation of the soul by means of the sacrament of Baptism from the Kingdom of Satan into the supernatural Kingdom of God; that individuals belong to one or the other since only those two kingdoms exist; that the Catholic Church is the New Israel of God.

Michael Voris spoke on “Homosexuality in the Catholic Church”, and WOWEE!! We got an earful of factual information.  I didn’t take any notes on this because I felt so repulsed.  Anyway, I didn’t need convincing.  But this presentation was a sober reminder of the Satanic filth which has besmeared the Roman collar.  He mentioned Chicago as being one of the worst for perversity amongst the clergy, and that Bernadine was responsible for this state of affairs in that city.  Have you ever wondered why you don’t get clear teaching from the pulpit regarding the Church’s moral teachings on homosexuality?

James Vogel’s talk served to impress upon the audience the double standard by which churchmen deal with the SSPX.

The conference ended on a lighter note with suggestions for keeping our children Catholic……..and with a few jokes! It goes to show, that Catholics preaching and living the Church’s faith are a joyful, happy bunch!  One meets the finest people at these gatherings: people such as Ted and Audrey; Steven and Allison; Jerry and Cecilia and the Talarico’s –  parents and sister of Canon M. Talarico, ICK!

CIC_13 Vogel_Rao

James Vogel, Dr. John Rao


Michael Voris

CIC_13 Fr. G Pendergraft

Fr. G. Pendergraft, FssP

On a final note, let me share the thought that ran through my mind on the last day when Father celebrated Mass for us.  I remembered those first conferences in the years before SP when traditionalists would have Mass in the conference halls, and that the server – if any – was invariably, an elderly man.  Not anymore!   For this conference, two churches were made available to us, and for Sunday’s Mass, there were about  a dozen young men who comprised the schola and the servers, including Master of ceremonies. The schola was superb! An added bonus were the Knights of Columbus who provided the honor guard.  It was absolutely beautiful!

Placet_KankakeeTLMThat is the way in which God deserves to be worshiped!

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