Seewald Speaks on “Mystical Experience” and The Abdication

Remember when press reports of a few days ago, both church and secular, were saying that Ratzinger, Bishop emeritus of Rome, had abdicated the papal throne because of a “mystical experience” in which God told him to do so?

Well, none other than his biographer Peter Seewald is saying those reports are “stupidities and inventions”.

The following is our translation from the post at Secretum Meum Mihi:  “They are stupidities and inventions”, is what Peter Seewald, biographer of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, has said in speaking to the German agency Kath. net, in relation to a reportedly “mystical experience” which compelled the renouncement of the Petrine ministry this past February.

“I can only trust my best sources in this case.  I have recently visited Benedict XVI and we also spoke about his renouncement.  He did not express himself in any way in that direction, Seewald said to”

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