Historic First Carmelite Monastery TLM

By now readers do, indeed, know that Mother Prioress consented to Father’s request to celebrate the Tridentine Mass in their chapel.

When I got to the “turn”, the Sister who answered was quite surprised by the nature of my message.  She promptly went to find Mother Prioress, and when she came back to the “turn”, she asked me a question on behalf of Mother.  I figured it would be better for Mother to talk to Father directly, so I volunteered to get him.  Then, after showing Father to the “turn”, I went outside where many people had gathered in the veranda for refreshments.

When Father came out, we knew it was a “go”!  He said that Mother was making a phone call to see if she could get a couple of boys to serve.  Standing nearby, there happened to be two young men who knew how to serve for the low Mass.  So, with them and the two others Mother recruited, Father had four servers for the next day. And it wasn’t a low Mass. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Sisters, we had a Missa Cantata!

The Sisters chose Mass setting number 8.  Everything went amazingly well considering they had never sung for the TLM.  Mother Prioress assigned the Propers to individual Sisters since they would not have time for group practice.  I only found out much later that one Sister had stayed up until 1:30 a.m. practising her part.  I imagine the other Sisters must also have been quietly singing in their cells late into the night!


Altar prepared for Fr. Perrone’s
Tridentine Mass, July 28, 2013,
Carmelite Monastery, Traverse City

Fr_E Perrone_TraverseCity Carmelite monastery july28 20013

Fr. Perrone, July 28, 2013,
first public TLM, Traverse City
Carmelite Monastery

Deo Gratias! Thank you, Fr. Perrone! Thank you, Mother Prioress!

Please pray for the good Sister in Traverse City!

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6 Responses to Historic First Carmelite Monastery TLM

  1. Fiat says:

    It might be quite some time before I get a copy, but the father of two of the servers video-taped the entire Mass.

    I know the monastery has some honest-to-goodness, loyal friends. There are some very good people up there!

    God bless!

  2. Fiat says:

    Yes, may He be praised, now and forever!! Try as they may, the enemies of the Tridentine Mass will not stop the advance of the restoration of the immemorial TLM! God wills that it be restored to prominence in the Church. Anyone who has eyes to see it, cannot deny it.


  3. kathleen champion says:

    Praise be to You Lord Jesus Christ!

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story!

  5. Fiat says:

    God has shown his love for these Sisters. It certainly was providential. I found out that the Gaylord diocese has 4 priests who now offer the TLM. We in the Joliet diocese have Z.E.R.O. !!


  6. Martial says:

    This is a very edifying story. It would appear that the whole thing was providential. Deo Gratias!

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