The N.O. Missal, Contributing to the Loss of Faith

2angels_Propers TLMWhen fabricating the N.O., a great portion of the traditional orations of the Propers were discarded. From what remained, more than half were tampered with and revamped to express the alleged new human values of modern man, thus denying that human nature never has or will ever change, and that God’s eternal truths are binding for all times.

The new Propers/orations are banal and diluted of doctrinal content; it is no wonder that a great number of post-VII Catholics are so ignorant of the truths of our faith!

Below is the oration, the Collect, for the Feast of St. Pius V from the TLM missal. Notice the amount of doctrine compacted into this short prayer. Those assisting at the N.O. will never hear this:

“O God, who for the overthrowing of the enemies of Thy Church, and for the restoring of the beauty of Thy worship, didst choose blessed Pius as supreme Pontiff: grant that we may so cleave unto Thy service, that overcoming all the snares of our enemies, we may rejoice in Thy eternal peace.”

Just from that oration those who attend the TLM will know that the Church does have enemies, thus making us understand that not all men are of good will, and that some will always hate God and His Church; God selects great saints for the restoration – not reformation or renovation – of His Church; (And if one thinks about it, that person will be hated by the world.); that God wills to be worshiped with beauty; that in asking to “cleave” to His service, the loss of our faith and our salvation is possible; that enemies of the Church plot our destruction, and therefore we are in this life, engaged in mortal warfare; that there is an after-life of eternal peace for those who keep the Apostolic faith.

 As Pope Leo XIII wrote in Apostolicae Curae, “They (innovators) knew only too well the intimate bond which unites faith with worship, ‘the law of belief with the law of prayer,’ so under the pretext of restoring it to its primitive form, they corrupted the order of the liturgy in many respects to adapt it to the errors of the Innovators.”

Let us continue to act and pray for the restoration of the TLM!

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2 Responses to The N.O. Missal, Contributing to the Loss of Faith

  1. Fiat says:

    Well, then, we must pray for that miracle! If those still attending the N.O. who are of good will, were to awaken to the fact that they have been hoodwinked….

    If we don’t gain ground, at least we must not give an inch. Patience will win all. Some of us will win our palm of victory by engaging in this defense of the TLM. I think of the late Michael Davies. He did his part and each one of us must do likewise.

    But we ARE gaining ground. Their edifice is crumbling. We must continue to push hard, without bitterness or animosity.

    Blessed are the souls who will see what we have desired to witness!

  2. Martial says:


    I pray every morning specifically for just such a restoration. It would take a great miracle of grace for the Church to abolish the Novus Ordo Missae. I do not think I shall see it in my life time.

    in Jesus and Mary,


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