Important News for the Joliet Diocese TLM Community

Well, it’s official now.  The pastor of St. Joseph church in Rockdale, IL is going back to his home country of India, and Bishop Conlon has turned over the church to the FSSP.  Below is a picture of the new home for the Latin Mass community.   I have also been told that Fr. Valentine will be getting another priest to help him in the apostolate.  This is great news for us in the Joliet diocese!

NOTE, May 14, 2013:  I notice that the FSSP webpage mentions Fr. Valentine will be appointed  the “administrator”, and that a N.O. will continue to be offered there on Saturday evenings by other priests.  Originally, I had been given the impression that the church was going to be completely turned over, not that it would be a mixed parish.

All I can say is that it is better than what Fr. Valentine had before. I think that those who have been traveling to Chicago, will continue to do so.  But I do pray the FSSP apostolate will flourish in this diocese.

Link to Joliet Latin Mass Community here.

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3 Responses to Important News for the Joliet Diocese TLM Community

  1. Fiat says:

    I just can’t see him offering the N.O.! God bless Father Valentine! Please pray that his apostolate flourishes.

    God bless you, too, Jason!

  2. Jason Burdette says:

    Good For Father Valentine.

    Not celebrating No Mass.

    God Bless
    Jason Burdette

  3. Fiat says:

    It may be that the priest Fr. Valentine is supposed to get to come and help him, may not be another FSSP priest, but rather a N.O. priest to assist those remaining in the parish who want to retain their N.O.

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