The Best Way to Celebrate Vatican II

 I do not mean to intentionally offend, but it seems to me that only the most obtuse will continue to insist on blind adherence to the documents of Vatican II. Into those documents of a merely pastoral council, were inserted elements of modernism in opposition to the doctrine taught by the 2.000 year old Magisterium of the Church.  Walter Cardinal Kasper has admitted as much. Below is a short excerpt from the article which suggests the best way to celebrate VII. I would urge you to read carefully the editorial in its entirety, from Catholic Family News.  It merits our seal of approval!


“One of the saddest events of the past month was the Vatican Radio report of Pope Francis’ statement that ‘Vatican II is the beautiful work of the Holy Spirit’; his claim that to resist the Council is to ‘resist the Spirit’; and that those are ‘testardi’stubborn hardheads – who want to go back from Vatican II.  If these are truly his sentiments, it should put no dent in our resolve. The Vatican II establishment now collapses under its own decay.

“It is time for traditional Catholics to close in for the kill, and not merely ask if we may be excused from the worst excesses of their reckless experiment.

The Church Militant

The Church Militant

 “It is time to go on the offensive, without anger, without bitterness and without letup. We must relentlessly ask our Church leaders why they love a blunder of such magnitude that “if the Church were not divine, the Council would have buried her.”


The Pope who finally repudiates Vatican II will most certainly suffer.  But it will be done!

“I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head in his hands and weeping. Outside, there were many people and some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language against him. Poor Holy Father! We must pray very hard for him! ” – Blessed Jacinta

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