Notes; Frenzied Females

The weather has been perfect for outdoor work.  I’ve transplanted a peach tree that had been growing near the compost pile for the past 3 or 4 years, planted over 75 flower bulbs and tubers, sowed (two different kinds) cosmos, bachelor’s buttons, catchfly, snapdragons, sunflowers; and 5 rhubarb roots. I’ve forgotten what else!

Soon I’ll start in earnest with the vegetable garden.

So, you see, I’ve had little time for blogging, although I do make sure to keep an eye out for what is going on in the Church.  There is, for instance, that assault on Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Brussels by a group of, hmmm…. “ladies”.  I am sure all of you have heard about it.  I only want to add to it what you probably have not heard.

This was not the first attack by these nuts.  It has been reported that these radical feminists are targeting the Archbishop because of his alleged complicity in defending pedophile priests.  This is utter nonsense since the Archbishop only assumed office in 2010.   If anyone deserves castigation, it certainly is not Archbishop Leonard, but his predecessor, the notoriously ultra-progessive Daneels who presided over the archdiocese during its worst scandals and who was involved in a cover-up.  It seems the real “sin” of Archbishop Leonard is that he has been known to speak out against the sins of perversion.

The other surprising element to this story is that these “activists” females are receiving payment for what they do.  What a job, eh?  An infiltrator to their group has reported that they receive 2,500 euros per month, while in Paris, the ladies may receive 1,000 euros per “protest”.

There is speculation about who is funding these “ladies”.   I will not mention a name since I have no way to ascertain the veracity of the allegation against the person.  But I will say, that the individual named is very rich, and hails from North America.

One need not wonder why the Mahoney’s or Imesch’s will never be victims of these frenzied females.

God bless Archbishop Leonard! I will include him in my prayers for persecuted priests.


Enjoy the beautiful weather outside! The flowers, trees, all of nature still give Him glory, and His gifts still give joy to the heart!

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