Who Has More Crediblity – Cardinal Paglia or this “Cool Dude”?

You decide.  Remember, souls of good will recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd, but they flee from the wolf.  Please watch.  It won’t take more than a couple minutes of your time.

 The following is the section IV excerpt, “The Remedy to the Present Peril” – from the SSPX website

In fact history shows that rise of homosexuality has always had profound ties with heresies and Gnosticism. We speak here of a gnostic sexuality, as the Cathars of Southern France, which rejects the mystery of the Incarnation and the work of procreation commanded by God: “Increase and multiply.”

Unfortunately, the latest declaration of Cardinal Vincenzo Paglia, the Vatican’s president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, is leading the Church towards a slippery road. On February 5, 2013, Cardinal Paglia said that there was a need of juridical recognition for “homosexual couples” and wishes to ban those countries which still hold homosexuality as a crime. This is grounded on “the dignity of all the sons of God. An untouchable dignity. All men are equal since they are the sign of God. In about twenty countries, homosexuality is a crime. I wish that we open the fight against this.”[7]

We can only advise Pope Francis to invite Cardinal Paglia to Fatima to pray at the feet of Our Lady of the Rosary. He should command him to become a missionary like St. Dominic. To safeguard the families, the measure he needs to take is to preach the Rosary against the neo-gnostic heresy which condemns life and marriage. It is certain that the meditation on the Incarnation and the Immaculate Virgin are the best antidote to the scourge of the homosexual lobbies.

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2 Responses to Who Has More Crediblity – Cardinal Paglia or this “Cool Dude”?

  1. Fiat says:

    I really enjoyed watching this.

    It’s total insanity.

    We need “cool dudes” to replace some of our hierarchy. 😀

  2. Martial says:

    As Sister Lucia of Fatima said, “diabolical disorientation”. As Paul VI said, “the smoke of satan has entered the church through some fissure”

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