Exclusive to Kankakee TLM, Papal Tweet…

This message of great importance was just received.  It seems that dead Popes cannot remain silent.

eagle tweet

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2 Responses to Exclusive to Kankakee TLM, Papal Tweet…

  1. Fiat says:

    God bless you. It always delights me to know there are other Catholics who “get the picture”!

    For me, it was through our Lady of Fatima that the scales began to fall off.

    May we live to see the triumph of her Immaculate Heart!


  2. Lateran Tweety says:

    Our Lady to Fatima came with a plan
    The Age of Mary was announced close at hand

    One weapon alone would have enough strength
    To conquer the problems we humans would face

    The Rosary prayed daily would deliver from evil
    Bring peace to the world and salvation to people

    The sun danced and fell for better or for worse
    If the Popes failed their duty we’d all get a curse

    A worse war came and we know who to thank
    Pope Pius XI, Nogara and the Vatican Bank

    The Holy Spirit restrains only up to a point
    Then as thru some crack Hell smokes up the joint

    Convening a Council when all of this happens
    Mixes unfailing truth with a modernist poison

    New Masses and trips to the synagogue ensued
    Surrounded by such error what can one do

    Hold fast to tradition while not forgetting to say
    Five decades of the Rosary each and every day

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