Warnings From Heaven For Our Times

God has sent us so many saints and holy people to warn us about these times in which we live.  How sad that few understand, and so they continue as if there were no heaven or hell. For those of us who do see the signs of the times, it certainly doesn’t hurt to read the following.  If anything, it should bolster our morale by the re-assurance that the Church’s enemies will be foiled. The Church will be restored in her liturgy, and in all the splendor of her richness in which Christ has vested His immaculate Bride!  She will be that shining City set on a hill!

From the visions of Sr. Anne Catherine Emmerich, volume 2, by Rev. Carl E. Schmoger, CSSSR:

“The child in the globe of fog typifies the plan conceived for the suppression of Catholicity enveloped, as in a cloak, by beautiful figures of rhetoric; the fog signifies imposture which works in the dark; the laughing of the child, the premature triumph of the plotters (men devoted to the pleasures of the table) at having outwitted the Sovereign Pontiff despite his protests and briefs!  The book under the mantle represents the writings forwarded to Rome in favor of the projects.  They were on their way, indeed, but they were incapable of preventing the discovery and defeat of the plot.  Sister Emmerich saw the same wicked designer hunting up the decisions of the early Councils, on which occasion Pope Gelasius was shown her as opposing the Manicheans, prototypes of the modern Illuminati.  The intention of annihilating the Pope and his authority [“collegiality” has certainly succeeded in undermining his authority!] really existed…I had many visions on this head, but I only recall the following:  I beheld the only daughter of the King of kings attacked and persecuted.  She wept bitterly over the quantity of blood shed [footnote: “numberless souls lost”], and cast her eyes on a race of valiant virgins [footnote: chaste priests, defenders of her rights] who were to combat at her side.  I begged her to remember my country, as well as certain others that I named, and I petitioned for some of her treasures for the clergy,  She responded: ‘Yes, it is true that I have great treasures, [my note: the perennial, sacred liturgy; the various ancient rites of the pre-Vatican II era?] but they tread them under foot.’  She wore a sky blue robe. – Then my guide exhorted me anew to pray and, as far as I could, to incite others to pray for sinners and especially for erring priests.  ‘Very evil times are coming,’ he said.  ‘The non-Catholics will mislead many. [Six Protestant ministers were consulted by Pope Paul VI in the fabrication of the N.O.]  They will use every possible means to entice them from the Church, and great disturbances will follow.’

“I had then another vision in which I saw the King’s daughter armed for the struggle.  Multitudes contributed to this with prayers, good works, all sorts The Church Militantof labors and self-victories which passed from hand to hand up to heaven where each was wrought, according to its kind, into a piece of armor for the virgin warrior.  The perfect adjustment of the various pieces was most remarkable, as also their wonderful signification.  She was armed from head to foot.  I knew many of those who contributed the armor, and I saw with surprise that whole institutions and great and learned people furnished nothing.  The contribution was made chiefly by the poor and lowly. – And now I saw the battle.  The enemies’ ranks were by far the more numerous; but the little body of the faithful cut down whole rows of them.  The armed virgin stood off on a hill.  I ran to her, pleading for my country and those other places for which I had to pray.  She was armed singularly, but significantly, with helmet, shield, and coat of mail, and the soldiers were like those of our own day.  The battle was terrible; only a handful of victorious champions survived!

“They built a large, singular, extravagant church which was to embrace all creeds with equal rights;  Evangelicals, Catholics, and all denominations, a true communion of the unholy with one shepherd and one flock.  There was to be a Pope, a salaried Pope, without possessions.  All was made ready, many things finished; but, in place of an altar, were only abomination and desolation.  Such was the new church to be, and it was for it that he [referred to as N___] had set fire to the old one; but God designed otherwise….”

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8 Responses to Warnings From Heaven For Our Times

  1. Fiat says:

    I’ve always [o.k., the more precise term would be “for years”] had the longing to drop to my knees for Communion, but I didn’t until 1989. I also knew there would be no turning back, regardless.

    The first priest to try to deny me communion was someone from an out-of-town parish. Our family had traveled to the indult TLM, only to find out it had been cancelled. So, hastily we entered a nearby parish for the N.O. I just whispered, “No, Father”, when I was told to stand. He angrily dropped the Host into my mouth.

    There was a second and third time. This time the wicked priest walked around me to the next person and ignored me. That’s when I wrote to Rome. I can’t remember to whom I wrote. When I received a reply from Rome, I made sure to give the priest a copy. There is a lot more to the story, but that should suffice. I guess you can call it my red badge of courage. I am a petite lady, so I know I am vulnerable; but I also had a strong trust in our Lord. I rejoice that He saw me through those times. He gave me the victory!

    I found out how terribly obnoxious, despicable, and hypocritical some priests can be. They can be all smiles and hugs, and preach “love”, “love”, “love” – until someone kneels for God! Then that same “loving” priest can become enraged when the faithful want to adore God. It is truly diabolical so see.

    Suffering is good for us; it makes us better compassionate our dear Lord.

    I’ll have to check out those prophecies.


  2. Martial says:


    Wow! I’m impressed that you already began kneeling in 1989. I had knelt in various places I had lived over the years but not on a regular basis. I regret not having had the courage to do so all the time earlier in my life (as with so many things). Where did you get your letter? I wouldn’t even know where to write but it seems a good thing to have. What did you do when you were asked to stand? Was it priests who asked you to get up? I’m a quite formidable sized man and I cannot imagine a priest telling me to do that. I equally cannot fathom what my reaction would be to such a priest making the demand.

    Alois Irlmaier was a German Catholic prophet/seer:



    Erna Stieglitz:

    “Paris is set on fire by rebellious Frenchmen. The pope must escape out of Rome, where he after two hundred days again returns.

    The Catholic faith has a decisive task in this last battle against the reactionary countries of the former Soviet Union. Bavarian and Austrian, Swiss and French troops are attacked after the annihilating battles in Lyon and Ulm to the north, against them come the allies of the Russians and Prussians in a most singular conflict.”


  3. Fiat says:

    That’s funny about the letter. I have one too – just in case, although I no longer attend my N.O. parish. I started kneeling to receive in ’89; at that time, I told our Lord I would never stand again to receive Him. Twice, I was refused, but I did not stand. That’s when I wrote to Rome and got my letter.

    We had a conservative pastor for many years, and he held the line as best he could. At one time I taught CCD under him, and he more than welcomed my use of the Baltimore catechism. After he was tricked into retirement, it was all downhill from there. It is absolutely horrible what they have done to that parish, but most of the people still there love it! Poor deluded folk!

    Yes, I now know about the trickery to introduce the N.O. All this information is available on the internet. I don’t understand why other Catholics still attack Trads as “disobedient”, “schismatic”, “dinosaurs”, etc. We are none of those things. It is they who have become Protestants!

    By the way, I don’t understand German. I have no idea what you wrote in a previous comment.

    God bless you always!


  4. Martial says:


    The “obedience card” was also used when it was falsely propagated that the Traditional Mass had been abrogated and replaced by the Novus Ordo Missae. There are many Churchmen who will have much to answer for. We were taught by old school nuns at our first Holy Communion in the early 1970s to receive on the tongue (standing was the norm by that time). It wasn’t until I was in high school in the 1980s and attended my first “Catholic Youth Conference” that I was introduced to liturgical abuse that I had only read about in ‘The Wanderer Newspaper’. I plainly remember the Pastor (who is still there) say , “That (hand communion) will never happen in this parish!”….. It’s been going on there for many years now. Modernism is like poison taken in small doses one loses one’s sensus Catholicus. I kneel to receive wherever I am when I go to the novus ordo. I’m waiting to be scolded. One convert home school family of 12 receives kneeling as well and they carry with them a letter from Rome everywhere they go.

  5. Fiat says:

    I think the heterodox church is not only comprised of apostate Catholics, but also of non-baptized who through willful ignorance refuse the prompting of grace to enter the Church. There is no middle ground. We see from St. Augustine’s sermon for Good Shepherd Sunday that Christ is the only Door, the only Shepherd, and His Church the only dispenser of grace.

    I agree with you about the appointment of bad bishops. (I live in the Joliet diocese!) In reading that passage in Emmerich’s book, I was reminded of one of the conditions the Vatican wanted to impose on the SSPX for reconciliation: they had to submit to their local Ordinary. While we know it is the Catholic thing to do – to obey legitimate authority – in view of the Great Apostasy in which we now find ourselves, I think it is good the SSPX held out. Most of them would have been handed over to wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    I remember reading somewhere that the devil had boasted of destroying the Church through “obedience”. He’d set up his stooges, and Catholics would be deceived into believing they had to obey bad orders! I know one elderly priest, who in speaking of the destruction of the Faith, told me that “We did it to ourselves. But were made to believe we had to obey.”

    That is how Catholics in the pews have been duped into receiving in the hand, being “forbidden” to receive kneeling, etc.— One time, Bishop Imesch accused me of “histrionics” for kneeling to receive Communion! (Heck, I didn’t even know the meaning of the word!) What made it worse, though, was that several so-called “pious” Catholics and even priests, would tell me–-it was really the voice of the devil— that “obedience is better than sacrifice”, that I really should stand. Well, I didn’t listen to them. They just made me fighting mad.

    It’s time for the laity to wake up! So many of us have been fooled, deceived, lied too!

    God bless!


  6. Martial says:


    Praised be Jesus Christ! I am grateful for your time. So if I understand your explanation correctly, “the new heterodox Church of Rome” exists “within” the Roman Church? It is simply those who profess to be Catholics who have lost the faith and/or become heterodox? That pretty much sums up the situation in which I have lived all of my life ( I was born in 1966). The number of bad bishops who have been named is too many to count I would think. It wasn’t simply one Pope who was responsible. I am fascinated by the prophecies of Catholic seers of the 20th century in German-speaking lands: Alois Irlmaier, Erna Stiglietz etc.

    We must pray for the elect by clinging to our rosaries.

    in corde Jesu et Mariae,


  7. Fiat says:

    Prophecy is….well…, cloaked in uncertainty. :-)

    I have wondered why we have so much prophecy, but cloaked in mystery so that it is difficult to understand. Emmerich saw things from all ages, back to Adam and Eve, to her time, and beyond to the future. It is difficult to pinpoint events to within their time frame. But, in reading the credible prophecies from other saints and mystics, we pretty much know what’s going on NOW.

    Then, of course we have the warnings of Our Lady of Fatima.

    I think that from the very beginning of the foundation of Christ’s Church at Pentecost, Satan has been attempting to set up his own heterodox church. It’s always been in the making, but as Sr. Lucia said, we will be seeing the “final confrontation”! Things will become more clear as they unfold before our eyes. The lines of demarcation are going to be clearly defined. The heterodox church is the body of souls who will not accept divinely revealed Truth as delivered once and for all to the Apostles, the deposit of Faith which like God cannot, will not ever change. (The most subtle, most insidious attack which caught so many off guard, was to our Mass. Since it was not a “direct hit” on dogmatic text, many did not suspect what was happening! I know I was too young to understand all this.)

    So who and what is it that wants to accommodate the Church’s teachings to that of the world??? Vatican II

    Emmerich is very respectful of the papacy; she does not give names, but from the context, I suspect that the one who “sets fire to the old church” is or was a pope. She never mentions an “antipope”. Interestingly enough. she also says that the Pope (I don’t know which one) is fooled into approving bad bishops, and that therefore such bishops do not hold legitimate authority.

    It will be interesting to see what Pope Francis will do.

    I pray for the elect, for all the little ones who love the Virgin Mary.


  8. Martial says:


    I have long wondered about and studied the prophecies of Anne Catherine Emmerich. I have tried to make sense as to where we fit in to them today. She speaks of “the new heterodox church of Rome” . What do you surmise this represents? is this “salaried pope without possessions” to be an anti-pope? Who represents the one who sets fire to the “old church”? A very interesting post. I am happy that there are others who are interested in this particular prophecy.

    in corde JESU et MARIAE,


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