Cardinals Ranjith, Burke to attend international “Sacra Liturgia 2013”

Well, things are getting interester and interester ! :-)

The latest report is that an international conference on the liturgy will be taking place on June 25-28.  Participating will be Cardinals Burke and Ranjith.  It is reported that 300 or so are expected to attend “Sacra Liturgia 2013”.

One of the objectives will be to “heal the post-conciliar liturgical disputes”.  While the N.O. will certainly not be repudiated – that would be too much to expect – I hope much good will come from this. The article is on the Zenit site here.

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2 Responses to Cardinals Ranjith, Burke to attend international “Sacra Liturgia 2013”

  1. Fiat says:

    I pray for the good of those who willingly assist at the N.O. that some sense is knocked into them. And then there are those who wish to attend exclusively the TLM, but cannot.

    I also know there are some Catholics sincerely grateful for the least little crumb from the Master’s table, as for instance any benefit that might be derived from this planned conference. They are in a situation where they can get no more; but the sufferings they endure at being deprived of the TLM are being offered up. It might very well be those deprivations they have thus far suffered which has made it possible for people like me to attend the TLM exclusively. It’s like a mother who gives up her bread so that her child may eat.

    I have no illusions either.

    What is happening is that the lines of demarcation are being more clearly defined. For this I rejoice.

  2. Martial says:


    I knew the liturgical conference was coming and that both cardinals Ranjith and Burke would be in attendance. I know also that Mgr Marini is also supposed to be there. I have always firmly believed that since the great majority of Catholics assist at the Novus Ordo Missae, that it will take a healing of this liturgical rift in order to change the liturgical landscape of the church. I fear that we shall have to wait until the whole generation of those formed by the Council are gone. I pray every day that there will be a truly Catholic restoration of the liturgy but I have no illusions.

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