There is so very much I have to do this week that unless something of importance comes up, I will most likely not be posting until after Easter.

Then, I would like to finish the series on theology of the TLM in pictures.   Also, I will be posting the second part on  “humility/deterioration”.

One more thing: I skimmed through a couple of posts  on  a Spanish blog, written by an Argentinian Catholic, and from what he says, I can only advise that we all intensify our prayers.  I cannot imagine that Our Lord will allow the confusion in His Church to continue many years longer.  Pray for in increase in the love of God, detachment, and purification of hearts.

I leave you with a thought for this week:  “Affliction and pain depend on how we take them, and man is only afflicted through having what he is unwilling to have, or through not having what he desires to have.  Take his self-will away, and his spirit becomes tranquil and enjoys peace.”  – St. Catherine of Sienna

May His peace reign in your hearts!

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2 Responses to Notes

  1. Fiat says:

    (I edited my response. Now I see that comment to which you referred. I have to admit though, that I, at times get frustrated with the post-conciliar papacy. So many souls are being deceived.)

    For my peace of mind, I want to take the attitude of St. Catherine of Sienna. It is God’s permissive will that Cardinal Bergoglio sit on the throne of Peter. So be it. I have to believe it will work out for His greater glory, and for the good of the souls faithful to Him.

    We must be on guard always, never succumbing to adulation of our Popes. Remaining emotionally detached and prayerful will give us clearer vision both to the good and to the bad. As for the good, we give God praise because it is His grace filtering down through frail human beings; the evil is nothing more than what we can find in ourselves. Recalling the maxim of St. Lerins, we have the proven path, so let’s keep to holy tradition: “And whatever he shall find to have been held, approved and taught, not by one or two only but by all equally and with one consent, openly, frequently, and persistently, let him take this as to be held by him without the slightest hesitation.”

    May God grant us choice graces this Holy Season, especially that of an unshakable faith!

    In their most Sacred Hearts,

  2. Martial says:

    I was edified with this posting on this blog entitled, “Aeneam reicite, Pium recipite.” :,_Pium_recipite..html

    I wish you a very fruitful Holy Week and a happy and holy Easter!

    in corde Jesu et Mariae,


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