Don’t Get on The Bus!

I think all of our readers should read this article at Renew America.  It’s serious, people; really, really serious. The article is copyrighted, so I will only give you this small bit:

“One of the first signs of Bergoglio’s approach to the papacy will be to observe how he handles Vice President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to the Vatican, to join in the celebration. Will Bergoglio allow Joe Biden to receive Holy Communion while in Rome? – given Joe Biden’s pro-abortion position? [Reports are that the Holy Father himself will not be distributing Holy Communion.  He will “sit it out”.   So, will he tell the deacons to withhold Communion from those two?]

Will he dialogue with Biden – like he did with Skorka?

The bus to Bergoglio’s “end of the world” has left the station – and he’s taking you with him.”

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