Quiz: Which Cardinal Said This?

When I “adopted” a cardinal, this is the one I was hoping I would be assigned.  He is unabashedly supportive of the TLM, and he invited the Fraternity into his diocese.

Make some guesses before you turn to this site to find out his identity.  Here are some more clues  extracted from the article that might help you identify him:

Three years ago he described same-sex unions as an “aberration” and was equally blunt on the subject of gay people adopting children, asking: “Would you want to be adopted by a pair of faggots or lesbians?” His other betes noires include at least one other Christian denomination, “you’ve got to be shameless to be a Protestant”, and on women who he believes fail to dress and behave correctly: “Women shouldn’t go around being so provocative – that’s why so many get raped.

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