Seed Wars

How could something so pleasant as selecting flower seeds for spring planting turn out to be such a downer, especially when the flowers are destined for Jesus on the altar?

I had made 9 selections from my Seymour’s Selected Seeds catalog, and listed them on the order form, a few of which are illustrated here:







”Oohhh, these will look absolutely beautiful on the altar,” I thought.  The anticipation was a joy in itself.

But before inserting the order into the envelope, I decided to do  a quick inquiry over the internet for reviews on this business. What I discovered was a real bummer.

I assume most of you have heard of the chemical company Monsanto. If you don’t already know, here is something about this powermonger I found in one of my searches:  “… they are buying up small and regional seed companies so that they can inseminate these formerly independent seed lines with their own GMO Frankenseeds. Their ultimate goal is to strip humanity of our natural, open-source heritage so that they can claim ownership of all plant life and charge a premium price to anyone who wishes to grow or reproduce the plants that they control — even crops that are unintentionally cross-pollinated!”

Oh, no!  What a reality check!  Shades of the Apocalypse – no food for those who don’t wear the mark of the Beast – Bl. Jacinta’s vision of starving people –  spiritual starvation followed by physical famine – Don Bosco’s vision’s.  Such thoughts crossed my mind.  And then this: “I will put enmities between thy..seed and her seed.”

We will get back to the spiritual.  For now, let’s continue with the wannabe god Monsanto.  Most of the seeds for home-gardeners are still non-GMO, nonetheless I do not believe we should be buying from Monsanto or their affiliates.  Monsanto’s tentacles have now nabbed Ruiter Seeds, which provides greenhouse growers, Seminis, for the open-field market, the International Seed Group, which provides for regional seed businesses, and now they also aim to acquire the small seed businesses.

I saw that Seymour’s Selected Seeds was on the “alert” list; so abandoning my plan to order from them, I looked to another source from which I had previously ordered: Abundant Life Seed Foundation.  Lo and behold, to my surprise, I found that they had merged with Terratorial which uses a Monsanto affiliate – Seminis –  as a supplier of seed.

Also on the “red flag” list are other gardening centers from which I had once ordered.  You would be surprised to find how many places have gone to the seedy side. (pun intended)  See list.

In the end, I wound up placing an order with Clear Creek Seed  who just happened to have an ad in the latest issue of  the Remnant.  Their selection of flower seeds is quite small in comparison with Seymour’s, and the flowers I will be planting will be much humbler and ordinary, but I don’t think our Lord will mind one bit.

When God in the Garden of Eden pronounced the opposition between the devil’s seed and our Lady’s seed, he also foretold that, “She shall crush thy head.”  We should remember this promise of victory throughout the tribulations that lie ahead.  Not only in Scripture, but also in many private prophecies are the faithful comforted and given hope; those “bummer” moments in life should never give way to despondency.   I am reminded of what our Blessed Mother promised Sr. Lucia, i.e., those of the seed of the Virgin who embrace the devotion to Her Immaculate Heart, “..will be loved by God as flowers placed by me before His throne.”

 It is with those humble, little “flowers” which will form Her heel, that the Immaculata will win fresh victories far greater than anyone could have imagined. “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

“…the rainbow of peace will appear over the earth…Over the whole world there will appear a sun as bright as the flames of the Cenacle, such as will never be seen from here until the end of time.” (-St. John Bosco)

How glorious will be those days when the Virgin most Holy, will crush Satan’s head along with all his “Frankenseeds”!  Little flowers, perk up!  We belong to the Immaculata! Love Her, cling to Her, serve Her well and the victory is ours.

crushing the serpents head

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