“And reigning will be he, the antipope……”

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Sister Lucia revealed that the Secret of Fatima is contained in chapters 8-13 of the Apocalypse. 

oh, oh….

Look at what philosopher and theologian Enrico Maria Radaelli [edited to correct the name] is saying about the papal resignation:

“Not considering these facts is in my view a murderous blow to dogma. Resigning means losing the universal name of Peter and going back to the private being of Simon, but this cannot be, because the name of Peter, of Cephas, of Rock, is given on a divine plane to a man who, in receiving it, no longer makes only himself, but ‘makes Church.’ Without counting the fact that since the self-removed pope cannot in reality resign, the incoming pope, despite himself, will be nothing but an antipope. And reigning will be he, the antipope, not the true pope.”

Thoughts on the Resignation of Benedict XVI

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6 Responses to “And reigning will be he, the antipope……”

  1. Fiat says:

    “….. Wake up.”

    M. G.

    I am not as ignorant as you might imagine. We are not of the “Traditio” mentality here, nor do I believe every word of that enigmatic, mysterious story-telling M. Martin. Even at “Angelqueen”, your comments would be scoffed at.

    I’ve had exchanges with some like you on trad forums, but it leads no where. I don’t feel like wasting my time again.

  2. M G says:

    already happened in 1958 when the white smoke appeared and blew for five full minutes – which caused the press to claim that “We Have a Pope!” then after five full minutes, it changed and went back to greyish/blackish. Then three days later Angelo Roncalli, the purported Rosicrucian mason as admitted by the head of the Italian Grand Orient in the 1980s in the Vatican’s own publication THIRTY DAYS magazine, emerged as “Good” Pope John who gave us the Judaeo masonic revolution in mitre and cope known as the Second Vatican Council – this was because according to Fr. Malachi Martin, Cardinal Siri, who had been validly elected three days before and had taken the name of Gregory XVII, had been ‘brutalized off the throne.” Even the American CIA admits this in docs released through the FOIA. But people have been such apostates embracing masonic ecumenism and calling it “Catholicism” while engaging in total denial of Christ and apostasy – consider this current “pope’s” endorsing of the Noachide laws which call for the beheading of anyone who holds the Trinitarian form of the Godhead and the courts of the Sanhedrin which are being reestablished throughout the world for the reign of the Jewish king as predicted by our Lord in St. John 5:43 – and also his endorsement of Antichrist himself as the “second coming for the Christians and the first for the Jews” while in his tenure as head of what had been the Holy Office – a complete and utter denial of Jesus as the unique fulfillment of the prophesies regarding who was the Jewish Messiah – any google search on “Jews ok to wait for Messiah” will bring you all the press stories when this occurred – really, open your eyes and look – we’ve been going through a long babylonian Macchabean type experience because of the sins of mankind since 1958 and Paul 6 fulfilled what Fr E Sylvester Berry prophesied in his book THE APOCALYPSE OF ST JOHN in 1921 about the false prophet changing all the sacraments with invalid substitutes that would ‘lack grace’ but resemble the original true ones. And he did it with the help of a 33rd degree mason Annibale Bugnini who later went out and hung himself ala Judas. Wake up.

  3. Fiat says:

    I like to hear the opinions of others, because who of us really knows? There seems to be a general agreement with those who keep watch, though, that indeed, we have reached an end of an era. I, for one, am so tired and sickened by the filth, stench, corruption which is everywhere including the Church, that I hope God intervenes pretty soon to mete out some justice to those wolves who have hardened their hearts and are decimating the flock. I keep in touch with some people who are still attending the N.O., and I almost want to cry. Most of those people are in “la-la” land. I hope I make myself understood: I do not wish any evil upon them; I just want them to realize they are spiritually “in extremis” because they are following the lead of priests who appear to have lost the Faith. Nothing I say will induce them to leave for the nearest TLM.

    As I posted in my last entry, the enigmatic expression of the 3rd secret of Fatima (“Bishops dressed in white”) makes much sense now that we know the Holy Father will retain his title of Pope, but that he will be just a bishop. I am praying for a saintly pope, but I also want to prepare myself for the worst. We know that at some time a “lamb with two horns” will appear on the scene and attempt to lead the faithful astray.

    Many of us familiar with the Fatima message expect something to happen on the 100th anniversary. Recall what happened in 1789, in France, on the 100th anniversary of the request of our Lord to St. Margaret Mary to have the King of France consecrate his domains to His Sacred Heart – which he failed to do.

    The bright side is that we know our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph and that the promised peace will be a glorious time in which to live. I just might live to see the beginning of that period.

    Interestingly, when Sr. Lucia was asked whether the Secret was good or bad, she replied that it was good for some and bad for others. For those of us who are living the faith with the assistance of saintly priests to nourish our souls,the message would have to be good.

    In union of prayers for Holy Mother the Church.

  4. Matthew Rose says:

    I definitely agree with you and Dr. Mattei that a Papal abdication is entirely untraditional, novel, and out-of-sorts. I also think we are in bizarre times and that things are going to get…interesting…soon. I think, for example, of the upcoming 100th anniversary of Fatima, which could coalesce with Leo XIII’s Vision of God & Satan and the 100 years. I also definitely think there is a possibility of an anti-pope, I just do not think that this is it because I think it is clear a Pope can resign, not that he should.

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

  5. Fiat says:

    To be honest with you, I don’t know “hoot” about canon law, but I base my answer on what I read by those who do. I linked to the article so readers could see for themselves what exactly Radaelli said. From the article to which I linked: “Radaelli acknowledges – that canon 333 of the code of canon law establishes that a pope has the power to resign, ‘but I say that not even the pope has such power, because it would be the exercise of an absolute power that contrasts with being one’s very self.’ And ‘it is impossible even for God’ not to be what he is.”

    Regarding the other abdications (Pope Celestine, and Gregory XII) Roberto de Mattei says, “One cannot make a comparison either with Celestine V, who quit after being dragged away by force from his hermit’s cell, or with Gregory XII, who was forced to resign in order to resolve the very serious question of the Great Western Schism. These were exceptional cases. But what is the exception in the action of Benedict XVI?” Even before I read this, I was already telling my son that I did not think the present Holy Father’s abdication could be likened to that of Celestine’s.

    Robert de Mattei, however, admits that the pope does have the power to abdicate. He, though he is of the opinion that the abdication is “in absolute discontinuity with the tradition and praxis of the Church.” Different opinions, but both eminently respected men of learning. (Although Radaelli is the theologian!)

    I really do believe we are in those times of the great chastisement foretold in approved apparitions; so yes, contemplating the possibility of an anti-pope “right around the corner” is quite dizzying! It’s unreal.

    God bless!

  6. Matthew Rose says:

    So you are saying that it is impossible for a Pope t0 abdicate? As dizzying as this situation is, I cannot see that. It has always been provided for in Canon Law; it has happened before as I am sure you know.

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