Prophecies for our Times – St. Hildegard

You will find here a few more paragraphs on the prophecies of St. Hildegard.  These are my translations from Spanish though the original source is from the French, Voix Prophétiques: Ou, Signes, Apparitions Et Prédictions Modernes Touchant Les Grands Événements De La Chrétienté Au Xixe Siècle Et Vers L’approche De La Fin Des Temps, Volume 2 (French Edition).

In typing these, I recall that Sr. Lucia had mentioned that the 3rd part of the secret of Fatima could be found in the book of the Apocalypse, specifically in Ch. 8-13, and in the Gospels.  I think we are in that time period when there will  arise the anti-Christ and the false prophet about which Scripture warns: they who will “deceive (if possible) even the elect.” Perhaps that is why Our Lady singled out Portugal as being one nation that would retain the dogma of the faith, implicating thereby, that other nations would not

Read chapter 13 of the Apocalypse where is mentioned the “Beast of the Sea” and the “Beast of the Earth”.

These passages from St. Hildegard’s writings, though, should help us to see past the infernal darkness that is surely coming. Meanwhile, let’s pray for each other, for all the elect for the grace of final perseverance.   May your Lent be most fruitful in drawing you intimately into the most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


But when society has been completely purified by this tribulation, weary from so many horrors, men will fully return to the practice of justice and finally subject themselves to the laws of the Church and the Holy Fear of God which make us so pleasing to Him.  Consolation will follow desolation much as the New Covenant followed the Old Covenant; likewise, prosperity in the days of well-being will assuage the anguish resulting from the ruination; if it is not thus, during which is prolonged with impunity the inconstancy and scandals of the world, the truth would be darkened in such a manner that the towers of the cathedral in Jerusalem would be broken down, and the institutions of the Church be trampled as if God did not exist for men.  At the time of restoration, justice and peace will be re-established by decrees so new and so little expected, that the people, full of admiration, will in a grand manner profess that nothing like it had ever been seen.

This peace of the world of the last days, prefigured by the peace that preceded the first coming of the Son of God, will, however, be limited; the approach of the last day will prevent men from giving themselves fully to happiness, but they will hasten to ask Almighty God to fill them with all justice in the Catholic faith.  Jews will join Christians, recognizing with joy the entrance [into the world]of Him whom until then, they had denied had appeared in this world.

This peace will be very great and will perfect that figurative peace which existed at the time of the first coming of the Son of God. Then, there will appear saints admirably gifted with the grace of prophecy.  As announced in the name of the Almighty by the prophet Isaiah (ch. 4, 2): “In that day the bud of the Lord shall be in magnificence and glory, and the fruit of the earth shall be high, and a great joy to them that shall have escaped of Israel.”  In those days, the blessing [from on high] will cause to drop from the mildest atmosphere gentle rains which will result in the earth being covered with the sweetest sprays of greenery and fruits, because men will devote themselves to all works of justice; this in contrast to the days before, days made so desolate by the harsh voice of the unchained elements caused by the sins of men which reduced them to the impotency of producing anything good.  With zeal, Princes will rival with other towns in making the law of God reign everywhere; iron is no longer be used but to cultivate the land and provide for the necessities of life, etc.

There will be no limit to the exuberant sentiment of heretics and Jews.  In short, they will exclaim, “The hour of our own justification has arrived; the bonds of error have fallen at our feet; we’ve thrown off the very heavy burden carried for so long because of our transgressions.”  The crowds of faithful will be increased significantly by the large number of pagans attracted by such splendor and abundance.  After their baptism, these will join believers in proclaiming Christ as in the time of the Apostles.  Addressing themselves to the Jews and heretics still hardened, they will say: “What you call your glory will be eternal death and he whom you honor as your chief, will perish before your eyes in the midst of the most appalling horror and the most dangerous for you. In that day you will heed our plea, under the rays of Mary, Star of the Sea.

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