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Here is an article by Damian Thompson entitled, “Seminary visited by the Pope bans traditional Latin Mass.” It’s par for the course. Don’t we already know that there is a diabolical hatred for it?

In part, it reads:

“Seminarians at St Mary’s College, Oscott, in Birmingham recently asked the rector if they could have the Extraordinary Form celebrated there – note, they did not ask to be trained how to say it.

The answer? Essentially, get stuffed, but couched in genial and friendly language. Oscott, which trains priests from the Midlands and North of England, has decided that Summorum Pontificum – which requires that a group of the faithful have the old Mass celebrated for them if they make an appropriate request – does not apply within its walls. But seminarians are generously told that they can attend the EF elsewhere (like every other Catholic in the world).”

I like the short, succinct, precise comment by “paulpriest”: “BOLLOCKS!!!”  And that’s exactly what it is.

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