A Christmas Card for Our Readers

I want to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas Season to all, but especially to our eight enlisted readers!  May God bless you with choicest graces in the coming New Year.

The image of  our Divine Priest is from Fr. Evagrio’s facebook page.  I just added a nice border to it.

The next two or three weeks will continue to be very busy ones.  I am rushing to finish the altar cloth for the Carmelite monastery. The newly renovated chapel will have its inaugurating Mass in January, [UPDATE of December 30:  I have been informed that the inaugurating Mass will not take place in January.] and the Sisters are expecting the new altar cloth for that day.  I still have about 16 inches of lace to crochet.  Then, the lace has to be washed, starched and sewn unto the fair linen which is almost complete.  What remains to be done on it (the altar cloth) is the embroidery of the five crosses.

Maybe then, I will resume posting with more frequency.  God bless you!


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